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If Yeshua was real and is

If Yeshua was real and is described as in the Bible then he might as well not exist at all. That's because no one in human history as ever had enough faith in him to do what he said a person can do. So walk outside, command a tree to uproot itself and to jump into the nearest body of water. If it does as you command without any outside help you will be the first person who has ever believed in Yeshua. Now remember, when he told the local yokels that not one of them had enough faith in him to do it and they were looking directly at him. That's all you need to know about Yeshua. No one has ever believed in him.

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I have been told by

I have been told by Christians that "you don't prove a person, you KNOW a person.", i.e. suggesting that the apostles KNEW Jesus, and that any person can KNOW Jesus for themselves. But of course, you can prove a person.

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Direct evidence of Jesus

Direct evidence of Jesus contemporary from the time he supposedly lived probably does not exist.

The attributes ascribed to Jesus are often claimed to come from prior prophecies. It may be meaningful to establish the extent to which these prophecies were appropriated. It is often said for example that the prophecy which said that the Messiah would be from Nazareth said no such thing. It is also well-known that there are many instances where the gospels claim a prophecy was fulfilled...but where there is no evidence whatsoever of such a prophecy, even of prosaic prophecies such as Jesus riding on a donkey.

Further, there are prophecies that Jesus is said to have made in his lifetime which predicted events that happened immediately. That could mean genuine foreknowledge, or it could reflect prophecies written after the fact by the gospel writers, or they could be pure fiction.

Someone on these boards (I don't recall who) alerted me to the fact that at least some of the sayings attributed to Jesus exist in the works of Aesop, written centuries earlier. Of course that does not disprove Jesus, he could just be a plagiarist (or indeed, his followers could be). But it is the task of Christians who wish to prove a historical Jesus that there was someone of that name in the early 1st century AD who had a core body of original sayings, as opposed to say being an invention of several people who wished for a Messiah or who wished to appropriate money and food from the poor.

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The story of Yeshua and the donkey is similar to the story about Balaam and his donkey in Numbers chapter 22.

In the Balaam story he had two servants. Yeshua had two servants.

Balaam's donkey balked at carrying him on his journey because the donkey saw an angel who would have killed Balaam because his way was perverse (Numbers 22:32). In the Jesus story the donkey took Jesus to his death. So Balaam was worth saving while Yeshua was deserving of death.


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