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Saint Moore

Moore told us he always had permission from the moms when he dated their underage children when he was the DA and in his thirties... so no wonder he has the backing of the religious right.

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Senate candidate Roy Moore's

Senate candidate Roy Moore's accuser: I was a 14-year-old child, Alabama's age of consent is 16.

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@MCD: "Moore told us he

@MCD: "Moore told us he always had permission from the moms when he dated their underage children"

Then the mothers should be prosecuted for child abuse.

And why does Moore use the word "dated"? He didn't date these children. He didn't take them to movies or restaurants and return them to their parents by curfew time. He procured them for the purpose of illicit sex. It's child molestation and rape. He knew them in the biblical sense.

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I watched an interview in a

I watched an interview in a retirement hope in Mobile with two elderly women. One supported Moore. The other did not. Both agreed that the allegations against saint moore we likely true. They agreed that while growing up in the south it was not unusual for men in their thirties to date underage girls. They agreed that teenagers were often groped and molested in school by teachers and administrators and that this was somehow the way things were and everyone accepted it as inevitable. The interviewer DID NOT ASK:

1. Why was it inevitable and unavoidable?
2. Why would parents give permission for their child to "date" a man in his thirties?
3. Would it be okay with you if your granddaughter was molested by an adult?

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