Saudi Arabians react to woman arrested for wearing mini skirt

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Saudi Arabians react to woman arrested for wearing mini skirt

Scarcely 24 hours after the video was posted, the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, the formal name for Saudi Arabia’s religious police, which are based in Riyadh, announced that they were opening an investigation into the matter.

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This sort of stuff always

This sort of stuff always makes me wonder what some future culture will think about how we act and our social rule system. What sort of insane generally accepted law here in the US that we all practice, that will seem utterly insane and cruel to a society more advanced then ours?

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The woman has been released and the case closed. I hope Allah wasn't too upset about seeing a woman's knees.

To be fair, that outfit would have been just as controversial in the West back in the 50s. And it wasn't so long ago that "provocative clothing" could be used a defense in rape trials.

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Good to hear she was released

Good to hear she was released so soon.

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