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Say hello to Dick Bill

The Roman Catholic clergy consist of depraved morons who are incapable of conceiving of ANYTHING holier than their extra special ontologically endowed penises!

It has been 20 YEARS since Benne Dick compared women priests to pedophiles and their ADAMANT AND INSTANTANEOUS response to pedophilia is STILL the standard lecture on the sanctity of the penis!

The speaker this weekend at the Eucharistic Conference learned Ancient Greek so that he could lecture on the subject!

He was TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to the fact that 90% of the audience at the Seminar consisted of WOMEN WHO BELIEVE THAT IT IS THEIR SACRED DUTY TO PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN!

Would the members here consider giving William Arbrecht an award for either religious depravity or promoting atheism?

SOMEONE needs to tell these monsters that their dicks are NOT god and lectures on holy penises are NOT an appropriate response to PEDOPHILIA!

Would the members here like to send their greetings to Dick Bill at ?

You can have fun with his pillars and share all of your 'religious' experiences with the god between your legs!



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MPO - my personal experience

MPO - my personal experience has taught me that they all ready know.
They know.

The only way to have an effect (especially for yourself) is to withdraw “support”, financial especially.

It’s the “many” that feed “them”.

I place my energy and money in “building” and “creating” the society I would like to see and experience. That’s it.

I don’t personally expend my energy in the effort of “enlightening” those who really don’t give a fuck what you think.

Besides, penis-less-one ... uh, don’t you get it?!?!!! Your voice- ESPECIALLY yours, doesn’t matter (unless of course you can generate an income stream for the church)

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Now, the Pope is as big a hypocrite as the rest.

For fuck’s sake when I die, AND there is a heaven and it’s these buggers.... SORRY, eh, I’m choosing to go somewhere warmer.

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It's the King James way.

It's the King James way. Mysogyny will never escape roman Catholicism.

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@Silly Bill E.

@Silly Bill E.

"It's the King James way. Mysogyny will never escape roman Catholicism."

Just so. It began when some dickhead decided Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, rather than a beloved disciple. That vile canard is not supported anywhere in the New Testament.

I think it was pope John Paul 11 who declared Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. Far too late of course. The church had been the abomination it is today for nearly 2000 years. I think that was around the time he graciously absolved the Jews from any guilt in the death of Jesus.

I've often wondered what would have happened if Mary Magdalene had been in charge rather than the woman hating Peter.-Perhaps she could have dismissed the nutcase Paul and his attitude to women. Apart from that I have no idea how that sect would have fared long term in that patriarchal place and times.


***Assuming of course the New Testament was other than myth. I'm afraid I'm not able to believe that. My suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

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I love how much I'm going to

I love how much I'm going to learn and hopefully store in my brain from everyone here.

Dude I love that you just typed all of that and none of it was a waste of my time. That helps me make corrections in myself big time.

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Ok hang on. Pull back. Some

Ok hang on. Pull back. Some of that comment is my codependency. I'm aware of it.

If someone would be kind enough to take the comment I am responding to(my own comment), and put it in their own words without my mothers infliction. It would be awefully helpful.

This is where I point out that I am honest where my problems(afflictions?) are from. I look into myself before others when correcting society, I empathize with others too much and it gets in the way, and the layers of it no ody understands, and I get it, I get why.. I'm here to correct me.

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@Silly Bill E.

@Silly Bill E.

" Pull back. Some of that comment is my codependency."

According to whom? I don't ask to be mean but because the term is widely misused.

The term 'codependency' was originally invented to describe the type of relationships alcoholics (and other addicts) typically have.

I first came across the concept it in rehab from alcoholism. ( 18 years sober June 30) It certainly described the relationship I had with a woman at the time. There haven't been any opposite sex relationships since then.

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It was poop Greggory the

It was poop Greggory the Incompetent who declared Mary Magdalene a prostitute.

If Paul hated women so much, why did he leave women and married couples in charge of his churches?

I think his no women speakers in church relates to the architecture of the Jewish synagogues. The women are forced to sit at the back. This would be a precurser to the cry room. Make hasty exit with screaming infant. It would be VERY disruptive to a service to have people calling out from the back of the Church. Paul says, just ask your husbands to tell you what was said. The women at Bible study asked how they were supposed to get their husbands to go to Church so that they could tell them what was said.

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Silly Bill E

Silly Bill E

No idea which comment is “co-dependant”...

The first where you express love of learning and appreciation for Cranky...

The self awareness you are developing - btw, this doesn’t stop ... it grows and is challenged...

“Your mother’s affliction” is hers. It is hers alone. You are not your mother or father or brothers or etc -
You are you... now yes, there is genetics and influences from your family, but you decide which qualities you desire for yourself, ones you value and cultivate them (like a gardener, grow the good vedgies and pull out the weeds- I hate “round up” so I’m constantly pulling weeds).

No one will ever understand “you” like you.
No one understands “me” or anyone else really...we all filter our own experiences, take from them, use them - we all have some form of emotional, mental, physical limitation and we all strive to get to a place of “self acceptance and love”.

“Society” only changes one person at a time.

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I appreciate what you replied

I appreciate what you replied with.

I never understood how victims didn't bring up what they experienced when it happened until last night. It literally took an endless irrelevant arguement, which you saw, to get my brain working.

My martyr parent was supposed to protect me. But she protected herself.

I needed to type what I felt out and a few people provoked more, and memories popped out after.... FUUUUUUUUUIUCK!!!!!


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I was a kid. I buried these

I was a kid. I buried these memories so deep, I imagine I was about 7. I was a Sunshine Factory daycare kid. They hired a guy named Peter Waterfield who was a deejay outside of daycare. This pedo mfer was a volunteer for the Big Brother organization and he begged my martyr mother who was a single mother, to put me into the program but he didn't know what the fuck he was messing with, a full on narcissist. I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON!

She scared the shit out of him, he turned himself in, he molested three boys. I was next. Except for the dick that was between my ass cheeks while us children played board games. He liked to sit around the table too, so kids could sit on his lap.

Throw that in with a martyr parent who takes all the empathetic sympathy moments away from you while they perform emotional incest.

I'm seriously fucked up.

11 schools, a couple hundred jobs, a selfish parent and a dick up my ass while buying monopoly money.

I need fucking help.

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Friendly frog, not sunshine

Friendly frog, not sunshine Factory. Now there's two deals ffs.

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I'm horrified that happened

I'm horrified that happened to you. I hope you will be able to find peace and healing.

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There is alot of support,

There is alot of support, therapy may be a good start. A professional to talk to. They are trained to help you.

You mentioned in another thread that you're writing. That’s good and therapeutic.

You are hurting, however to be fair, we really aren’t equipped for anything too personal - that’s where a therapist can be extremely helpful.

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@Bill ***

White said: " You are hurting, however to be fair, we really aren’t equipped for anything too personal - that’s where a therapist can be extremely helpful."

Couldn't agree more.

As compassionate as many of our members can be, imo an internet forum is not the best place to get serious help. By all means vent here Bill, but I urge you to also seek professional help.

Oh, what you describe as 'codependency' sounds more like dependency--- By definition,codependency requires two people.Been there, done that. Will not permit it again.

***Don't feel comfortable referring to you as 'silly'. My screen name is a matter of truth in advertising; describes my existential mood and the year of my birth.

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@Cranks - funny with the

@Cranks - funny with the screen name stuff - it’s like, I don’t find you full on “cranky” and I kept naturally typing “Bill E” too...

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"@Cranks - funny with the screen name stuff - it’s like, I don’t find you full on “cranky” and I kept naturally typing “Bill E” too..."

Very kind of you to say. That may be because you only see my on line personality. :-}

A simpler reason might be that you're a nice person who looks for the best in other atheists. You do seem to have a healthy suspicion of the apologist nitwits we get here.

You're actually the first recovering JW I've run across. From the way you've describe them, they seem every bit as ghastly as I've always imagined.

Slightly OT; had to go out yesterday. As I was driving, I noticed a New Kingdom Hall, built cheek by jowl with the largest cemetery in the city. Cheap land I guess.

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Cranks - when I was a kid,

Cranks - when I was a kid, those fuckers use to go up in 2 days. All free labor and owned by the WTBTS, mind you we as a congregation paid the “mortgage” on it and they, the WTBTS still held title when we were paid in full.

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@Bill E

@Bill E

I’ve been to see a therapist, oh and a psychologist and a psychiatrist (ohhh, scary - yes I’m crazy - bwaaahhhhhaaaahaaaa!)

However, in the end, it’s all me. I didn’t have to see any of the above.

Parent/child relationships play a part - no fucking doubt - because shit can happen to you when you’re a kid and vulnerable and have no control (it’s the parent/adults job to provide the physical, emotional, “protective” environment) ...anyway - you are the adult now.

I don’t know whether you still live with your mom, or just got stuck because of Covid, and this is just surfacing OR it’s been a slow boil and the pots boiling over now OR it’s been a crutch for you and you want to walk on your own now, BUT don’t know how....

There are group homes. There are organizations that help the physically limited gain independence, etc. BUT a health care provider can point you in the right directions for your own
mental and physical well being.

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"I’ve been to see a therapist, oh and a psychologist and a psychiatrist (ohhh, scary - yes I’m crazy - bwaaahhhhhaaaahaaaa!)"

Me too. Off and on all of my adult life. Currently the most stable I've ever been over the last 8 years. These days, I still take a lot of meds and see my psychologist every 3 months for maintenance. See if I need an oil change,that kind of thing.

Once I said to my shrink "I think I'm going crazy" .He replied; " If you're crazy, you will be the last to know" . He was right.

Thought for the day: "The whole world is crazy
except for me and thee.
Lately, I've been having doubts about thee" (anon)

Really crazy people, such as arch troll Dennis Markuze, tend to have zero insight to their condition.

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HOLY SHIT!!!! You’re a

HOLY SHIT!!!! You’re a “boomer” now! LOL
Fuck me! You realize there’s a “boomer remover”
infecting society right now?????? the “change up” :)

You know, there are “lovable cranky” people and “asshole cranky” people?

Lovable don’t take no shit and are suspicious of motive (usually by life lessons and acknowledge that their own judgement may suck) ...they open up once they feel more at ease that their “trust” is not misplaced.

Asshole cranky people are fuckers that give you a dirty look when you hold the door open for them (whattt??? YOU think I can’t open a door for myself?!!!!) Don’t use the word “thank you” and grumble when they have to wait for anything....

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"HOLY SHIT!!!! You’re a “boomer” now! LOL"

I've actually been a baby boomer all of my life. I think we became a thing in the 1960's. That would have been around the time somebody realised we are the largest demographic in our society. Right now, THE industry is aged care,as baby boomers have gotten fucking old and begun to lose their marbles..

"Boomer47" is my username. I have no idea why it was changed. Have asked for it to be changed back.

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The roman catholic church

The roman catholic church should change it's name to reflect it's position on sex.

The Holy Roman Church of Genitals"

Because their god definitely has an obsession with genitals.

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