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Secular Humanist Liberal - A Reference

Unable to control themselves from impinging upon the rules of this site, the members here who bring their own discussion agenda and topics do so with some inexplicable notion that others care to read it and, with self-righteous arm bands and handshakes all around, exonerate themselves because they think they should be.

Not so.

This is a site with a specific title and purpose. If the title holds a vague meaning may I suggest a visit to a lexicon for a better, and more objective defining of it. Then a visit to the "About" tab at the top for a generous (free) revelation of the site might be the next stop. Then, perhaps with that fresh in mind, a correlation between selfishness and the decorum of this site might reveal itself.

All that reference to selfish people wanting to bring here whatever it is they care to bring, I understand the urge to do that when it appears it's an easy thing to do and the front office isn't making a fuss about it. This is called over-stepping the bounds of the privileges offered here and disrespecting the site itself.

Partisanship is one of those things people love to play a role in. I don't, but most people do. Give them an opportunity to espouse their convictions and the very next event comes in the form of pseudo-intellect pouring forth like the hardly inerrant diatribes of the most ardent and devout missionaries.

Liberalism and conservatism stand firmly on either side of an imagined line. Both attempt to throw intelligence around as if they are keen with it. Neither will stand their ground on principle when the heat turns up, though, and the truth of their actions is in the history books jammed with examples of little people being directed to their deaths for the inane reasons partisans of stupidity have injured them with.

Take it elsewhere. I don't care to see anyone displaying their shallow grasps of human behavioral motivators by brandishing what always ends up being simple partisan rhetoric beneath a thin, transparent veil of false intellect. It isn't a case of simply not reading something I don't like. It's a simpleton's assumption that they can say whatever they care to say here that's wrong on all levels. Take it elsewhere.

But, for some odd reason I care enough about this site to at least take myself out of my usual context of asserting the rules for the sake of decorum and offer this by Scott Bidstrup. He's a classy example of a liberal, unlike most salivating libs and pugs I've repulsed on these many forums, and gives and takes credit as he sees it. The core of my message here is to read this and attempt to engage with some modicum of self-respect in all your partisan endeavors, and perhaps some modicum of respect earned from that will be the mutual charity marking a new enlightenment in partisanship that knowledge (eventually) makes unavoidably civil.

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Not worth reading, but I

Not worth reading, but I wasted my time anyway.
Also, there is NOTHING anywhere on this site that confines topics.

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