"Shithole nations"!

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"Shithole nations"!

Over time on this forum, I have been admonished for my language. I like to say "fuck that' and other choice words. Interestingly, The ones that attempt to edit my speech (never successfully) get mad because I use these choice words about their hero Trump. They tell me that I can't talk about "the president" that way. A president that has mocked and made fun of a physically challenged person, that calls women "dog face" and other nasty names, a man that denigrated a POW war hero and a Goldstar family, a person that spews racism, sexism, hate, Islamaphobia and other racial remarks.
They glorify and venerate this foul-mouthed asshole and call me out for my abusive language.
That my friends is classical hypocrisy!
Now it is not that I want to edit Trump's speech. It is that HIS speech is pure hate and prejudice. Whereas MY speech is just shock and blatant. I don't single out a particular race sex or nationality and spew hate. There IS a difference!
So Trump is a baldfaced liar AND a raving racist, yet that is okay with these Trumpers, but MY speech about him is somehow "unacceptable"!
Yeah right!
Some have even claimed that Trump is highly ethical and moral and in the very same sentence claimed that atheists cannot be moral. Well, the fact is if you gauge the average atheist's behavior against Trump's behavior, it's clear that the average atheist is far more moral. And it wouldn't take much because Trump lacks any moral compass at all.

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I must admit I though that

I must admit I though that our pollies ( that's Aussie for politicians) and last two prime ministers Abbott and Mrs Trumble were the nadir of human kindness and the ultimate in sycophancy. But you Americans have just done it bigger, worser and tackier. You always get the better of us in those stakes.

The slogan should be "Make America Grate".

I lived in The U.S back in the late 70's and 80's and loved the place except for the pollution and the totally crap beer. I was lucky enough to do several paid tours around the country and Canada in my time and had a business in Encinitas

Since Regan and the singular exception of Obama the last lot of Presidents seem to me to have the combined intellectual capacity of a small overripe grapefruit, and the humanity and kindness of a dead armadillo.

Good luck to you America, nearly everyone I met in the States was kind, kinda quirky and although Mom worshipping, ready to embrace the different. What the fuck happened?

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Well, the beer has improved,

Well, the beer has improved, if nothing else.

It's very embarrassing to have to admit that Trump is our president. I so miss the class of the Obama presidency.

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Just caught a news broadcast.

Just caught a news broadcast...... containing quotes from around various African countries...... one struck me as entirely appropriate.....

"there are no "shit-hole" countries .... but there are demonstrably "shit-hole" "politicians".....

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To be fair, there are some

To be fair, there are some countries are total shit holes though! Lol

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Tell me how can you speak for

Tell me how can you speak for the average Atheist? have you done research on this matter? Have you collected any kind of data here? Your just spewing this out with no known facts. Just on what you comprehend. You can`t speak as an expert on this matter for all Atheist.

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Does Trump have the intellect of a small, overripe grapefruit? agree/disagree
Does Trump have the sensitivity.compassion and egalitarian outlook of of a dead armadillo? agree/disagree
Is Mrs Trumble a complete waste of fucking space? agree/disagree

There ya go AB....

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Okay, asshole (AG) I'll match

Okay, asshole (AG) I'll match my intellect IQ and my morality against Trump any day. How 'bout them Apples?!

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Trump thinks Africa is a

Trump thinks Africa is a country!

mykcob4's picture
The only thing wrong with

The only thing wrong with that statement chimp, is "Trump thinks..." We know he doesn't do that!

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The irony of what you just

@ Agnostic Believer
The irony of what you just said is fantastically thick, coming from you.

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He wasn't "speaking for the

He wasn't "speaking for the average atheist", he made no such claim. He made an analogous comparison between the morals of atheists generally and the morality of Trump. To be fair he's shooting fish there so to speak. As for research there is a large body of research into the relative morality of atheists compared to theists, it examined the beliefs or lack thereof of prison populations, and it showed in the US that compared to the general population, theists were over represented in prison populations, while conversely atheists were underrepresented. Research companies have even started examining those entering prison to avoid the results being skewed by the possibility that some prisoners turn to religion after incarceration for various reasons, though the results still show a relatively higher percentage of theists entering prison than make up the general population. There is also a large and longstanding body of research showing the developed countries like Japan, and Sweden (two examples) which are predominantly atheist have far lower instances of violent crime like murder and rape, than the US, which is one of the most religious countries in the developed world.

Now one more time, can you please grasp that you are is not abbreviated as your, that's a different word entirely and your sentence is gibberish when you use it incorrectly.

"Just on what you comprehend. You can`t speak as an expert on this matter for all Atheist."

What else would someone post other than what they comprehend? That claim makes no sense at all, and again he has claimed no expertise in that post that I can see at all, nor has he claimed to speak for all atheist. No offence but is English your first language? Only you keep misrepresenting what people have posted in this way, so either your command of English is execrable, or you're being duplicitous.

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This is a complex issue.

This is a complex issue.

Is Trump a racist? Of course he Is. Is he a despicable person? Of course he is.

When he bites the dust, from whatever cause, it will be the most popular celebrated event in. human history. Billions of people around the world will celebrate in pure happiness.

What. he said does have some truth to.it. He has now put some politicians in the spot of making them come out in support of flooding the country with "undesirable people" who have no obvious relationship to the "average American".

Remember, America has always been a racist and class conscious country. It has always restricted membership into the inner circle. When it was founded only free white men over 21 and with a minimum net worth could vote. Black people didn't have any rights. Then some Mexicans became citizens in 1848 as a result of the war. When black people became citizens they still didn't have any real rights despite the 14th Amendment. Their exodus out of the South was resisted by most whites as well as by the "higher class" Northern blacks, who considered the Southern blacks their inferior. And that situation was the law of the land for the next 100 years.

Even when the government was pushing the lie about fighting for freedom it keep millions of its citizens as quasi prisoners who didn't have any real freedom.

So while Trump is a racist his statement will have a lot of support. The problem is that he is ignoring all of the shitholes in America that exist from coast to coast and from border to border. WE need to fix our own shitholes.

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@RandomHero: To be fair,

@RandomHero: To be fair, there are some countries are total shit holes though!

LOL! They all are at one time or another.

I think there should be a shitholiness index for countries, with the Vatican as the undisputed leader with a score of 100% in recognition of their success in creating shitholes on every continent for the past two millennia.

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Of course the Vatican will be

Of course the Vatican will be high up in the index, I mean it serves no purpose other then being a holding pen for sinister virgins and paedophiles...

Therefore, a shit hole! :D

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Don't blame me - I didn't

Don't blame me - I didn't vote for the Comb-over in Charge.

But -

Is calling a country a shithole racist?


If the Bozo had called Albania or Kazakhstan a shithole - there wouldn't be a media shitstorm.

You can hate a country and love the people of that country.

I hear people say that all the time about the US.

Just being fair.

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No, but it would be funny to

No, but it would be funny to see world middleweight boxing champion Gennedy Golovkin take umbridge to a slur against Kazakhstan and proceed to punch his skull into a form of vegetable soup...

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Um..... Send us pictures of

Um..... Send us pictures of your vacation when you get back. We would love to see them.

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The good news: he's over

The good news: he's over there and not over here...
..because of the criticism and protests awaiting him.

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Why are talking about Trump

Why are talking about Trump on an Atheist forum ?

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There are not shithole

There are not shithole nations but I’ll bet there are shithole golf courses.

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The Idiot in Chief is an

The Idiot in Chief is an incompetent fool

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Someone projected the word

Someone projected the word "shit hole" on Trump's building in NYC.

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