Should expression be cencored?

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Should expression be cencored?

Some friends and I have been having religious debates,via social media, for well over the past two years. It gets heated from time to time, but we always ended on a good note. Yesterday things did not end well. My argument, from the beggining, has always been ridicule towards the sanction of the ideology in question and never about the individual. Well, yesterday my individual character was attacked and the reason I was given was, "Your attack against religion is an attack on the person.", Does anyone else find truth in this notion? Is ridicule of an idea ridicule to an individual? Should we remain " PC" in all debates in fear of someone getting their feelings hurt? In other words, Should we baby people?

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No, I don't think attacking

No, I don't think attacking an idea is the same as attacking a person. That being said, some people define themselves by one or two of their ideas and have a tough time separating from them. So perhaps an attack of their ideas *feels* like a personal attack to them. And in many cases, perception *is* reality.

You get the choice to let their attack of your character get to you or not. sticks and stones...

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We have the rights to express

We have the rights to express our thought whether it's for the idea or to an individual. How others accept your thoughts is their problem.

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People earn respect, ideas

People earn respect, ideas are merely of use or not. As long as your don't bust out a lot of ad homs then you are in bounds.

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Exactly as Ellie ,Cyber &

Exactly as Ellie ,Cyber & Mystic say ....Ideas are fair game.

Cant remember where I heard it ... but someone said......when challenged that they were attacking Christians human rights ...
Humans have rights ...religions don't.

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I'll point you in the right

I'll point you in the right direction:

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