A small win.

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A small win.

France rejected far right Le Pen, and all the accompanying xenophobism and strong religious undertones that the far right represents.

The far right has made a lot of progress in the world in last decade or so, it is good that it did not score another victory today. Perhaps the tide has finally begun to turn and the majorities will begin to see the far right for what it really is.

I will take any victories we can get, even if Macron is no paragon of virtue himself.

Also trumps signed into law executive order over religion in politics, does not really change things too much according to many religious leaders, they still shared their opinions about their political issues all along anyways. But that is still certainly a loss for any minority viewpoint like atheism.

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Even the most minute win is a

Even the most minute win is a step in the right direction. One more for us. One less for them.

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This is an atheist site. Here

This is an atheist site. Here we expose and discuss the other (non-political) weakness humanity burdened itself with. Please find a better place for the discussion of your chosen secular religion elsewhere.

Thank you.

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I tied it into atheism/theism

I tied it into atheism/theism.

Like it or not, theism is very political, which sucks us "do not believe in gods" folk right along with it.
I would love to see more atheist politicians, at least a percentage of politicians that are atheist, that represents the population percentage of atheist.

We can sit around and talk about how we are above it all in politics, while the far right caters heavily to theist, using them for their own ends and theist using far right politicians to further their agenda, like we are seeing in the US, with trump and the far right tearing down church/state barriers.

To me, you ignore politics at your own peril, you may be able to ignore politics, but the results of politics will not ignore you.

I also did not mention what my chosen "secular religion" was, I did not advocate it any way. The only hint you got was, as an atheist when the far right loses, I deem it a victory for atheist. You are the one that decided it was political and labeled it as such.

You probably also assumed I am left. I would not label myself "left." (Although gun to my head I would pick the left "label" over right.)

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Again Pitar this site isn't

Again Pitar this site isn't restricted to just a religious discussion.

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I was unaware that we were not permitted to speak of politics. Especially when many xenophobic viewpoints stem from religious falsehoods. Im not knowledgable about the politics in France, but I know they just pushed a boy from a 9 th story because he was outed. Muslim leaders are telling parents to kill their gay sons before the police get them for torture.
So the more liberal human rights advocates we have in office the less people have to fear the Putins and other haters. Baby steps to equal rights.

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@JamieB "I was unaware that

@JamieB "I was unaware that we were not permitted to speak of politics."

I think we're free to speak about anything within the forum rules. And of course, others are free to complain about what we speak about.

In political discussions, I sometimes get irritated by the assumption that right=religious, left=non-religious, atheist. That formula might be valid in the U.S., but in other places we have religidiots lunging at us from the left end of the political spectrum as well. In New Zealand I encountered mad Methodists and Salvation Army loonies who wanted taxes raised to the rafters and government intervention in every aspect of life. The churches actively campaigned for left-wing parties, including political advocacy from the pulpit.

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Charlie you made me think of

Charlie you made me think of this

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Let me guess, you don't like

Let me guess, you don't like let pen because she's a woman?

This same logic was used over here with Hillary, yet many likely don't apply it to le pen.

Le pen is far right, religious, and a protectionist, but she is far better than Macron, albeit a low bar to jump over, but still.

Do you even know what xenophobia is? Saying that it is a bad idea to welcome in millions of religious extreminists with an everagr IQ of 83 and violent tensancies- is a bad idea, isn't xenophobia. If I said that we should ban Mexicans because they have brown skin, that would be xenophobic.

Just please stop with this OK?

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What a horrible guess. I do

What a horrible guess. I do not like Marine Le Pen because of her far right track record. I strongly disagree with the far right movement.

Gender has nothing to do with it. I think we are way overdue for a female president in the US. I would vote for Michelle Obama in a heartbeat if she ever ran, against most any other major political opponents. Even though I do not fully agree with all of her husband's actions during his terms, and that there are many things about democrats policy/action that I do not like as well.

I literally said Macron is no paragon of virtue. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

https://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/18/world/europe/marine-le-pens-anti-isla... Littearlly a form of xenophobia by definition.

I agree banning mexicans for any reason including skin color would be xenophobic and racist.

Stop with what exactly?

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Harry Truman

Harry Truman
I looked up xenophobia because I thought the same thing but heres what I got:
Definition of xenophobia. : fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.
So whether it be christian Mexicans or Muslims from Pakistan the human rights is the issue at hand. I get how political sides being mentioned causes more divide and in my opinion I don't care which political party is in charge as long as they are looking out for the good of the people. I read a tweet about Macron today that he is pro abortion rights, immigrant rights and others things I forget but agreed with. Not sure that Let Pen fights for those same set of rights for all people.

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Governments are supposed to

Governments are supposed to defend the rights of their own citizens, not welcome in terrorists at the expense of their citizens. Not letting in people who want to kil you isn't xenophobia, any more than not letting Ted Bundystay the night with you is inhospitable.

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Harry Truman

Harry Truman
Are you saying muslims or immigrants or refugees are terrorists?

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Also, Questioning whether

Also, Questioning whether someone dislike a person because they are a woman just makes me think you may not have respect for woman in office. That shouldn't be an issue.

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Gender has no bearing in how

Gender has no bearing in how I see a person, most times I don't even think about their gender. I just thought it was funny how feminists claimed that everyone who was anti-hillary was just a mysogynist- but hated Le Pen, despite her gender.

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Harry, you are so far off

Harry, you are so far off base it isn't even funny. The EU and NATO are at stake which is essential in holding the ENTIRE free world together. le pen is a NAZI and a populace nationalist. le pen is just another thatcher but worse.

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IMO this will go down in

IMO this will go down in history as the day France died. We shall see what the future holds but I doubt if it will be rosy for France.

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