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They complain about "cross

They complain about "cross-dressing children", but the thwab worn by many Muslim men looks rather like dresses worn by women in the West a century ago.

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Dresses, highheels, stockings

Dresses, highheels, stockings, wigs, makeup, were invented, worn, and popularized mostly by rich, powerful old white men centuries ago, only in more recent times did it become a "women only" thing. Largely simply because it is actually affordable now, when in the past it was only available to the extremely wealthy.

Of course we can all count on religion to make this stuff even more comical in "wear this but not that" completely silly rules that people like to enforce on each other, sometimes sadly with violence and threats.



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The beauty of a conspiracy is


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What did Diotrephes said to

What did Diotrephes said to have all his messages removed? And please, stop essentialize entire groups of people like that. The "Rassemblement National" in France is doing this. They say the real people of France are some white catholic dude and anyone from migration is consciously not trying to integrate in french society. They even want to remove the "droit du sol". It is the fact that anyone born n french land is french.

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@ Talylyn

@ Talylyn

Re Dio
It looks like he has decided remove all his messages.

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@Old man shouts...

@Old man shouts...

Okey. Okey, but he was called out for apparently bad messages.

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Dio posted some racist shit

Dio posted some racist shit about Jews secretly controlling the world. He was asked to remove it and seems to have removed much more (perhaps in protest?).

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Some of these parents are

Some of these parents are making their kids chant "let kids be kids", after mutilating their children's genitals at birth in making cases, they are making their kids take part in a political protest and see no irony in their message.


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