And so it begins in the UK

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And so it begins in the UK

A head teacher at a primary school giving lessons on LGBT equality has received threatening emails and phone calls.
Police are investigating messages sent to Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson at Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham.
There have been seven weeks of protests outside the site from which "hundreds" of pupils were kept away on Monday.
Birmingham MP Jess Phillips has called for an exclusion zone at the school to limit where people can demonstrate.
Ms Hewitt-Clarkson has branded the protests aggressive.
The city council is looking into Ms Phillips' request, with the authority's leader saying some outside the school are "peddling hatred".
The complaints at Anderton Park, mainly from Muslim protesters, focus on lessons for which pupils have been given books featuring cross-dressing children and gay families.
The protests' leader says that amounts to "social engineering".

link to full story:

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In the UK teaching equality

In the UK teaching equality is enshrined in the law and just because it goes against Muslim beliefs you cannot pick and choose which parts of equality you like.

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I'm an atheist from the UK

I'm an atheist from the UK and am tired of Muslims bleating on and on about being oppressed and picked upon. We will go the way of Europe and other countries where Muslims follow their violent and spiteful book and want to make the whole world Muslim.

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Clan Destiny,


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@Diotrephes ……

@Diotrephes ……

Oh dear...….. do I detect the heady scent of Alt Right conspiracy theories ..?

Lets see …….

quote 1..... from Infowars….

"InfoWars disseminates various conspiracy theories, such as speaking against the HPV vaccine[18] and claiming that the 2017 Las Vegas shooting was part of a conspiracy."

quote 2 …. from breitbart …

"Its journalists are widely considered to be ideologically driven, and some of its content has been called misogynistic, xenophobic, and racist by liberals and many traditional conservatives alike. The site has published a number of lies, conspiracy theories,and intentionally misleading stories"

As to the OP …. well Each and every one of the Abrahamic faiths do not consider themselves to be "operating" correctly unless they can claim to be persecuted ….. its in the game plan...

Abraham as a child forced to flee from the evil king (Nimrod) … who massacres innocent children.

Moses forced to flee from his people/family due to the evil pharaoh …. who massacres innocent children.

Jesus forced to flee to Egypt to hide from the evil king (Herod) …..who massacres innocent children.

Mohammed forced to flee from Mecca by the evil polytheists (not a king but an authority)…… who massacres innocent ,newly converted, "muslim" slaves.

See..... just par for the course...… same as Jewish schools opting out of national curriculum ….. same as evangelicals pushing creationism in schools ….. etc. etc.

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Ummm.... What's the class?

Ummm.... What's the class? "In England, relationships education will be compulsory for all primary pupils from September 2020." Okay, the teacher is a bit ahead of the designated time. I see the school is implementing a new government sanctioned program called "Relationships." or at least including "relationship" teaching into "Primary School" lessons. I assume this is for the purpose of normalizing different lifestyles. No problem for me, there are different lifestyles. I hope they included a woman shrouded in a burka in the book as an alternative lifestyle. This is a primary school, grades 1 through 5 or 6. What can you teach kids this age about LGBT equality? Why is it LGBT and not simply "People are Different." Anyway, I am imagining one of the lessons.....

See Jane.
See Jane run.
Run Jane run.
Jane was born Bob.
Can you spell Bob?
B - 0 - B. (That's right!")
Bob's new Gender Identification is Jane.
Run Jane run.
Can you spell "gender identification."
(That's right! Good job!)
Run Jane run.
Tom, Dick, and Tony are trans-phobic.
They don't like transsexuals.
Everyone say "TRANSSEXUAL."
Jane is running.
Tom, Dick and Tony are running.
Jane is running because Tom, Dick and Toney
are bigoted assholes who want to pull down
her pants.
Tom is a trans-phobic asshole.
Dick is a trans-phobic asshole.
Tony is a trans-phobic asshole .
Bob is really Jane.

In short. I don't think the school is teaching anything of the sort. They are simply normalizing gender roles in the culture that these children find themselves in. England should probably be applauded for their effort. Either that, or just admit that they are now under Islamic rule. My point here was to imagine the utter severity of an elementary school indoctrination program used to "Social Engineer" a bunch of elementary school students.

I know the article is sensationalizing the protests and what is actually being taught to students to make sales. I simply question what exactly is being taught to a bunch of children that could possibly be so offensive. And while we are on the subject, is there really anything in the world today more offensive that women on the streets being forced to cover their bodies from head to toe because of the same religion that single-handedly destroyed the Islamic Golden Age of Enlightenment?

I get the Muzlums are protesting. My response..... Tough Shit. What is really great is that they are in a country that allows them to protest. Isn't that ironic??

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This is mankind, this happens

This is mankind, this happens. I suggest you read up on the history of Britain, it has been constantly invaded by different cultures that forced their way. If it was not the Saxons, it was the Romans.

If you run up the Alt-Right flag and fight new cultures, the only result will be violence and hatred. Make friends with your new neighbours, talk to them. There may be may failures in dialogue, but rational and civilized conversation is what wins the day.

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@David Killens

@David Killens

"rational and civilized conversation is what wins the day."

Only with people who want to engage in rational and civilized conversation.. Have you ever had a conversation of any type with a Muslim woman who is devout and wearing a Niqab?

Do you think that those people really want to integrate successfully into western societies? I live in the UK... I work with both Muslim men and women and have never had a problem at all... Problem is, when you voice concerns about a certain element of Islam, you do tend to get branded as right wing.

I'm all for welcoming cultural diversity. But not at all costs.

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@David Killens.

@David Killens.

Bravo sir, well said.

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@Diotrephes: (sorry, I meant to say... I am with you on this one.)
Wow! Alt Right my ass. Islam is a very real problem in the free world. Islam is not a RELIGION folks. ISLAM IS A SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT. It is a THEOCRACY. It comes complete with its own system of morality and legal system which is better than any other legal system on the planet. Ala Sam Harris, "Islam is the mother-load of bad ideas." There is a serious problem in England, Sweden, France, Japan, China, Belgium, and this same problem is growing in the USA. The Problem is called "ISLAM."

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I would say a totalitarian

I would say a totalitarian one at that, really, it even says how you must wipe your ass.

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@Diotrephes .....

@Diotrephes .....

You posted...

"The immigration situation in Europe and America is the same. They are both being invaded by people who have nothing in common with the citizens. That will eventually lead to the destruction of those nations. It is a deliberate attack, and those nations will cease to exist."

You sought to source your viewpoint utilising two right wing "publications" , Infowars & breitbart.

I pointed this bias in sources out , and you then came back with more sources for the two alarmist stories you used in your first post..... (Paris airport demonstration and the announcement from the Swedish Government)

Now I have to ask ...did you look into the latest sources... and are both subsidiaries of the erstwhile Murdoch media empire (notoriuosly right wing).

bizapacreview .com .. rates between "Right" and "Extreme" on the MEDIA BIAS/FACT CHECK site
link ... .... a news agency run enirely by the Turkish state thus definately with an agenda.

then came the only truly unbiased source.... The Independent ...

So to confirm the alarmist stories you quoted seven sources .... five of which are right wing sites one is working to its own political agenda and only the Independent would seem to be unbiased ....

so ,if its ok with you , I think I'll carry on with checking my own sources.... and also continue with the pinch of salt when it comes to the "destruction of those nations" and the "deliberate attack" as well as ignoring "those nations will cease to exist".

The truth is the two stories are just 1/covering a protest over asylum policies organised by the migrant support group “La Chapelle Debout,” at the Paris airport and 2/ an announcement on refugee policy from the Swedish government.

Certainly there are some problems with some aspects of Islam ... but it is just another religion... it is not some kind of super bogey man... just another deluded faith.... and we've handled these before.... all of them Judaism , Catholisism and Christianity .... Islam is no different. It only seems worse because it is the current problem.

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@ watchman

@ watchman

You might want to check current birth rates of the Muslim population in Europe against the birth rates of non Muslims, I think what our friend is getting at is there is a very real threat to future rationality when it comes to law making.

You say there are some problems with Islam... I say, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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@Diotrephes: Over 60,000,000

@Diotrephes: Over 60,000,000 potential Americans (not counting their possible children) have been eliminated since 1973.

Where did you get that figure from? Does it include spontaneous abortions (miscarriages)? You said that "babies" were being aborted. Don't you mean "embryos" in the vast majority of cases? Is skin color discernible in embryos/early-stage fetuses?

Also, what percentage of the "60,000,000" abortions were carried out after a fetus was found to be non-viable or a risk to the mother's health/survival? I ask this because a member of my own family had to have an abortion under these circumstances, and although already heartbroken due to the loss of a longed-for child, she still had to endure snide comments from the religiously biased doctor. Since then I've been in favor of post-natal abortions for judgmental religious bigots.

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Why do you seem addicted to citing garbage websites?

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A little different tact:

Curious why do you care about 60 million embryos, zygotes, blastocyst and fetuses? I mean really why do you care? You never met them, most of which have been destroyed decades ago. Why care what decision a women makes with her body and her, most likely scenario: zygote/blastocyst?

I mean how can you care? 60 million... that is more people then if the entire west coast of the US fell off into the sea with no survivors. What about beyond US? There has probably been over a billion people aborted worldwide in history to date especially if you include the day after pill. And at least 10 billion more from spontaneous miscarriage or death at birth (usually of the mother as well.) That is more than the entire human population alive today.

If you are in the miserable position that every abortion is murder of an innocent baby human, that is a hell of a burden to carry. How do you get up and face the morning thinking wholesale slaughter of 100,000 plus "innocent human babies" going to happen today, and another 100,000 plus tomorrow and so on, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it? Abortion world wide has only been going up (been going down slightly in the US since roe v wade been enacted.)

At what number do you eventually give up? How do you square up with trying to stop abortion in the US when US abortions only make up a tiny fraction of worldwide abortions? Do you not care about any innocent baby that is not a natural born citizen of the US in the last 100 years? What about the fact that there are way too many humans alive today, at over 7.7 billion and still climbing.

Here are some links. The 60 million figure is actually from the end of 2017 or earlier. The number is much greater today.

That second sentence is actually quite blatantly wrong, especially with the "much greater" descriptor. Abortion rates in the USA have been in steady overall decline since Roe v Wade was enacted. Worse still you are trying to tell us that the numbers are much greater in the last 2.5 years then the 45 years before that? That is obviously completely incorrect. Many anti choice websites will even state that abortion rates in the US is less than 2 million per year. So even on the extreme high end of estimates, (most sources put abortion rates in the US at around 1.1 million per year.) 5 million more abortions compared to 60 million is NOT "much greater."



I am an atheist that always likes a good debate
Please include @LogicFTW for responses to me
Tips on forum use. ▮ A.R. Member since 2016.

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Diotrephes - The history of

Diotrephes - The history of abortion in America reveals that it was pushed by a bigot...The concern is when a racist eugenist such as Sanger and other groups

Your talking about 60-90 years ago. Hard to find someone from that time period who wouldn't be considered a bigot today.

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Diotrephes - It would be

Diotrephes - It would be outrageous if 60,000,000 people were killed in the next 45 hours.

Your allusion that abortion is the killing of people, is very controversial.

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Diotrephes - As I mentioned

Diotrephes - As I mentioned to someone else, tell all of your immediate and extended family members that you would have gladly aborted them because they are not people. That includes your parents, spouse, and children.

Switcheroo from past perfect, to present.

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Diotrephes - ...because they

Diotrephes - How are those conversations coming?

I have no intention of telling a person they are not a person; that is madness.

Diotrephes - ...because they are not people.

Repair your insane suggestion with "because the fetuses associated with them were not people"; and I'll consider it.

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And just to add.... I am not

And just to add.... I am not talking of the small problems that Islam is causing in Europe as we speak, like the crowds of people being mown down by trucks in France, or the people being stabbed on the streets of London, or the children who were slaughtered at a pop concert in Manchester.... I'm talking about the long term implications of Islam.

It's okay to sit there typing nonsense, and playing down the real threat that IS Islam.... But play it down at future generations peril.

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Man you guys are really

Man you guys are really scared by the Muslims aren't you ?

@Diotrephes .....

"The point is that the current invasions of Europe and the United States and Canada by muslims and illegal aliens are tactics that the cabal is using to destroy the white countries. The muslims and illegal aliens are merely tools being used to that end. "

WOW ! .... just Wow!

Now you have a "cabal" ..... a real "cabal"......
well that posits one obvious question.......


A mythic blending of Muslims and South American Migrants ... working for the overthrow of America and Canada. Didn't you miss out the Rosecrucians ,the Freemasons ,the Order of the Templars and the Priory of Zion ...... Oh ,Oh and what about "Big Pharma"...?

And just what are "the white countries" ?

I refuse to be drawn on your rant about abortion... I think that your mask may have slipped there and you have revealed something of your true self.... and I trully pity you..... it must be hell inside your head ... no wonder you get so very frightened by such phantoms.

"That is where you are. You don't like the source, so you ignore the problem."
No.... There is no problem.....
I live in reality and here in the real world there are real problems that need attention...... not your fetid imaginings.

"The fact is that countries are being invaded " no they are not.

"and the protestors are yelling that the nations don't belong to citizens but to them."
Protestors always shout bollocks ..... its par for the course. Look at "make america great again" Oh yes.... at any demonstration..... the guy with the megaphone is ALWAYS lying. If he was telling the truth he wouldn't need the volume.

"Why don't you offer an opinion on that real issue? "

I did... you just didn't recognise the "real issue". It was a demonstration.... not an invasion.

"If the Swedes flood Sweden with ten million muslim refugees will it still be Sweden? It will become a new Islamic country. The Swedes will become "slaves" in their former nation. They won't have anyplace to go because all of the other countries will have been invaded and taken over.".....

Did you even read the article on this one ?
First line.... "Sweden is to grant refugee status to all Uighur Muslim asylum-seekers from China,"

So any Uighurs turning up in Sweden ,asking for asylum ,will be automaticaly granted "refugee status"....
Now how many do you think that will be ?....
it does not mean that the entire Uighur nation will trek across the world to Sweden ....
you'd have to be an idiot to think that..... wouldn't you ?

@Workingclasshero ...

"You might want to check current birth rates of the Muslim population in Europe against the birth rates of non Muslims,"

You mean like this.....
"Europe. Muslim women today have an average of 2.2 children compared to an estimated average of 1.5 children for non-Muslim women in Europe. While the birth rate for Muslims in Europe is expected to decline over the next two decades, it will remain slightly higher than in the non-Muslim population, "

Nothing to be scared of here..... I remember the same scare stories about the Jews flooding the country in the 30's then Irish imigrants in the early 60's..... then it was the West Indians in the 70's its always the latest hate group..... and its always wrong. The UK was not swamped by the Jews ,the Irish ... and Enoch Powells "rivers of blood" never actualy materialised....

Now Im not sure just who is typing nonsense.....


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