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Spirit Science

Have any of you watched clips from the Spirit Science series? Do you now anything about it? Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaDOkMEK4uk

I have always been accustomed to people telling me about various religions like Christianity, Mormonism, Catholicism, etc. but had never been shared off the wall information like what is presented in Spirit Science regarding alien intervention playing a role in human history (it goes into a lot more detail). I am kinda blown away by it not because I find the information to be factual but because it is unusual since I, and it seems like most others, don't keep up with the "spiritual gurus".

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This YouTube User has a

This YouTube User has a series of videos refuting Spirit Science.


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This is not a topic that I

This is not a topic that I have much experience with but it seems that most people who believe in logic would also turn it down.

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I have seen that those vids

I have seen that those vids rasungod but didn't get very far because of the poor sound quality :/ Pity because he invested so much time into that.

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I'm not an expert on this

I'm not an expert on this topic but I have experienced some of these supernatural things. Like predicting the future. Sort of like reverse deja-vu. I've just thought about a friend, focusing on them and picturing myself talking to them on the phone and then they call. One time I was trying to fall asleep in a hotel room and there were some loud riotous youths revving their engines and blaring music. I simply thought of the noise stopping and believed that it would stop. And immediately there was silence. I've spoken with many other people on this topic and they've had similar experiences. Some say there is a way to train yourself to get in touch with this supernatural force that we're all connected to. Now this could be a load of hogwash, but it's not like these people had anything to gain from sharing this information. In fact most of the time they risk being taken as lunatics. I'd recommend talking with someone who truly believes this and has nothing to gain from you.

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I am not an expert either but

I am not an expert either but my mom was psychic and would have dreams of the future as was I. I used to think there was nothing I could do about them until one day I did. Up til then I viewed it as a curse, funny thing is the next day things still played out a way that was I guess the way fate intended them to. I have not had the dreams in a long time though. Furthermore I know Reiki masters who can do some things that would compel belief. Also took a Tai Chi course once and found some interesting stuff in that that had to do with the use of energy and tapping into it. Has anybody here ever had the the teeth falling out into your hands scary dream that usually means someone you have been trying to make time to hang out with before they died just passed. If you have you will know I am not making this stuff up.

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Since I first read this post,

Since I first read this post, I have gotten hooked on the topic of spirit science. It's not very interesting at all, but it is something that holds my interest enough to pass the time and teach me something new. This post didn't get very many replies, why is that?

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haha, I featured the entire

haha, I featured the entire Spirit Science series on a broadcast I do and my viewers got a kick out of it (some more seriously than others lol). Perhaps there are few replies because it is such an unknown topic? I mentioned before I learned about Spirit Science all I knew were dogmatic religious like Christianity, Catholicism, etc. Spirit Science opened a whole new level of information albeit yes it is far fetched (and poorly puts forth info...) but it is unique to me.

This was an observation I made while watching the vid... The message sounds nice with the cartoon characters, simple explanations and warm image, it does not sound like a God exists and everyone is on the same playing field. However, if I recall correctly, there was much emphasis put on beings being in higher dimensions and sharing information with individuals here on earth. That is basically the same as God sharing information with people on earth and is a recipe for disaster if people take this seriously.

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Sam I have heard people

Sam I have heard people report unique experiences like what you are mentioning. Lucid dreaming is another topic that is interesting to hear about but I personally have never had the motivation to pursue it. I don't view spirituality as what we traditionally call religion... I think spiritualists are a unique breed and can be interesting to talk with but their lack of skepticism can be heartbreaking !

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Lauren has it right guys!

Lauren has it right guys! Spiritualism doesn't have anything to do with religion and, for many, the separation doesn't exist. I believe that they just aren't enlightened enough yet.

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Perhaps I haven't had enough

Perhaps I haven't had enough coffee today, but I still don't get the spirit science thing. Can someone explain it to me a little better?

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I really don't know much

I really don't know much about this spirit science at all at least the way you describe it. I will have to take some time one day and look into it.

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It is actually my first time

It is actually my first time to read about this Spirit Science and the title alone makes it interesting (for me). I do not know anything about it yet so will find some time to watch videos and read more.
Lots of people have created interesting videos showing their beliefs or to cracked down what others are believing.

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There are people who believe

There are people who believe about the power of spiritualism and to the things that we can't explain understand and no science theory can relate with. I think the term science doesn't fit on it because it's something beyond science just like the topic about god/s.

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Hmm... not sure this is an

Hmm... not sure this is an entirely new idea. I think Scientologists also believe in alien intervention. I don't know much about either, so correct me if I'm wrong...

I'm definitely not saying that alien intervention isn't quite possible. However, believing in something without solid proof for it strikes me as a rather religious mindset, no?

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First off, spirit and science

First off, spirit and science don’t belong in the same sentence. Science is about the testable, the detectable, which spirit isn’t. At best, spirit is metaphorical, and science can deal with the object of the metaphor. But I digress…

At 8:21, it says, “We are 100% responsible for the situations we find ourselves in.”
8:40 “Every single experience of your life on Earth was because of you.”

Rubbish. He then goes on to talk about someone objecting about how people in Africa are starving, and that isn’t because of them. His response is that it’s because we in the West don’t share. Well, yeah, that’s not because of them. They didn’t make us not share. Totally mixed up.

He talks about how if we think about being sick, we will be sick. This is the same thing as “The Secret” or “The Law of Attraction” series of books, about how there’s this cosmic force out there connecting everything. It piggybacks on scientifically sound principles such as positive thinking will help you heal faster but then introduces this completely unsupported cosmic force. Like karma, it is instantly a blame the victim scenario.

Sure, it’s a great thing to be able to choose how you respond to adversity – great advice. It just gets lost in the cosmic BS.
Here’s a good skeptical response to the so-called Law of Attraction:

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I totally hate it how people

I totally hate it how people take great advice and smother it in cosmic BS! But then again, for some reason people don't swallow good advice unless it's presented in the guise of some cure all pseudo-religious panacea. Go figure.

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What you mention here is

What you mention here is interesting to me mainly because, those familiar with Reiki will have after researching into undoubtedly heard a story about a priest who was studying scrolls suposidly to learn about Jesus's ability to heal others and came across the secret of Reiki after a period of fast and meditation. It just so happens that this story was made up by the person who tried introducing the concept to people in Hawaii because they faced a lot of resistance from people who felt that this was sacrilegious. So they made the whole priest story up to get Christians to be open to the idea, well it worked and now we have a bunch of people who go around believing they can do Reiki because it is a divine gift bestowed upon them by God, Spirits, angles and whatnot. I find this to be one of the most annoying things about these Reiki masters down south. You see, to many of them Reiki is a part of their faith.

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I also heard about how alien

I also heard about how alien intervention can strengthen our psychic abilities. There are also stories about some people who can communicate with aliens via mental telepathy. I'm not sure where they have gotten the idea and when this idea came from. Some even said that we are living in a 3 dimensional world only while some planets are already in 5th dimensional state.

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I don't know what you heard,

I don't know what you heard, but I've also heard (and seen, secondhand) how some people with altered electrical states can have enhanced cognition.

As for planets in the 5th state, I'd say that that is kind of an overstatement (it would be interesting to be proven wrong on that though!). There are many planets in our own solar system and abroad that exist on planes that we will never cross, yet effect our electrical and gravitational climate to the point where they might be considered unseen interference from an "alternate" unseen and until recently unknown, dimension.

If I'm off topic, I apologize :)

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I would like to get good

I would like to get good spiritual knowledge and learn reiki healing. Is it possible to do it online?

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Working with spirituality is

Working with spirituality is important in many practices including Reiki healing. If you are seriously thinking about practicing Reiki healing, you should get special knowledge. Click here for information on online animal reiki certification programs and I'm sure you'll want to give it a try. Such training will help you get 30+ hours of practical work and all this is done online. So you can build a career as a Reiki healer and work with animals.

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