Stupid arguments

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Stupid arguments

Bringing this back feel free to post stupid arguments by atheists and by theists.
Ill start by saying a christian just told me america legally accepts gods existence so i have to prove he dosent.
He says that putting in god we trust on money and allowing teenagers to sign up to a christian program instead of jail for minor offences proves the law proves his god.
All that proves is christians pass christian laws when they can get away with it. A christian president put in god we trust on money because of communism (thats what he claimed) and im certain christian judges passed the teen law non christians wouldnt see a christian program as proper punishment.
He ignores the fact that america had a republican government that appointed judges, republicans are christian so the appointed judges were you guessed it christian. So if theres more republicans on the bench than democrats it guarantees a christian law is passed hence hobby fking lobby.

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Wow that is a stupid argument

Wow that is a stupid argument, some men you just can't reach.

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Sorry i missed the question

Sorry i missed the question it was my left leg below knee.
My argument was of-course brilliant and completely ignored.
I pointed out laws by jews vikings romans greeks hindi's muslims dont prove their gods so how do christian laws by christians prove anything except their self-serving nature.
Ive stopped trying now hes started talking nonsence like christian laws prove atheism false. Atheists cannot accept evidence of god because it would go against their belief. Psi proves atheism false and somehow he claims malice proves psi which then proves god. Despite the fact christians would have burned anyone with psi as a witch. I pointed that out. Hes really fixated on psi believes theist scientists all proved psi but atheists psi tests fail because they cant accept psi.
Such is the result of childhood brainwashing arguments a child can disprove but ignoring anything thats said against them.

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This site is apparently proof

This site is apparently proof that god had special knowledge put in the bible. Look for yourselves its ridiculously wrong.

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Thanks for the link lmale, it

Thanks for the link lmale, it's staggering to see what other people believe in some times!

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Its people that use religious

Its people that use religious sites thinking they are facts that bug me even a child free from religion can see a religion will be biased.

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This is beyond stupid a

This is beyond stupid a theist argued socrates the father of scirnce believed in god so religion started science.
Did he seriously think no one would check his statement lol

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My latest stupid argument is

My latest stupid argument is from a christian who said the reason god wiped out almost all life on earth is corrupted dna and we are corrupting it again.
When asked for evidence he provided this link which does not mention dna or genetics in any w lol

By the way if you click the link you will see a simple repeat of the flood story but whats interesting is on the right of the page a link for a bible reading plan lol its telling people what to read when to read it can you say brainwashing? :)

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... where do you find these

... where do you find these nutcases? I must be a sheltered individual.

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Just to even it up a bit,

Just to even it up a bit, many of the arguments I hear from atheists (not you guys obviously) boil down to something like this: "It's ridiculous to believe that God exists. Therefore, God doesn't exist."
Or "You can't prove that God exists. Therefore, God doesn't exist."

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yea atheists that say those

yea atheists that say those exact phrases are technically wrong, you are correct Beneames.

But I must assume that they mean that "Therefore, God doesn't exist." for them.
Thus it is their opinion.
I do not think that it is an absolute but one must really know the context applied there to judge.

If they mean that they are 100% sure that any god does not exist then they are wrong since they are claiming to know everything, which is currently one of the closest thing to impossible.

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Correction, win a Nobel Prize

Correction, win a Nobel Prize and provide your evidence. That is what it boils down to.....still waiting....

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My aunt told me the other day

My aunt told me the other day that it seems to her more and more people are believing in god so he must be real. I pointed her to a site that lists fifteen most popular logical fallacies, the "majority says so, it must be true" fallacy being on the list. Then I said I had evidence she was wrong but to say that meant anything would be negating the point I just made about her logical fallacy so that's as far as I can argue. I just hope I didn't encourage her.

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