The stupidity of Christian theology

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The stupidity of Christian theology

Christian theories of atonement:

1. Moral Influence Theory: God sent himself to sacrifice himself by killing himself to positively influence humanity.

2. Ransom Theory: God sent himself to sacrifice himself by killing himself to either himself or Satan, whom he created, to ransom us from the sin he created.

3. Christus Victor: God sent himself to sacrifice himself by killing himself to defeat the sin he created.

4. Satisfaction Theory: God sent himself to sacrifice himself to himself to pay himself back for the injustice of sin, which he created, by killing himself.

5. The Penal Substitutionary Theory: God sent himself to sacrifice himself to himself by killing himself to save us from himself.

6. The Governmental Theory: God sent himself to sacrifice himself to himself by killing himself to punish himself for the sin he created, thereby propitiating himself.

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Okay? The title of the room

Okay? The title of the room is "Debate."

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Fixed it.

Fixed it.

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In my olden’ days this was

In my olden’ days this was ours (JWs don’t believe Jesus was god)

Adam - perfect man (sinned) - passed sin through sex (offspring)

****sidenote: I had always wondered why Eve eating first didn’t matter...maybe she could have sinned all she wanted, as long as Adam didn’t, then the kids would still be “perfect” ***

Jesus - perfect man (didn’t sin) ... “balanced the scale”

Now fuck me. That’s it. Don’t have to believe in Adam to have “sin” and that shitty sin gene goes to everyone. Jesus’ “fix” sure wasn’t the fuck as “immediate” as Adam’s and every Christian out there is still waiting...

Stooopid, stooopid shit...

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I can not debate these fine

I can not debate these fine points, as they are all moot, as no evidence exists for cheeseass. Hence my opinion is, they are all pointless. Its like debating the finer points of the physical traits of a unicorn. Ummmm really?

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If you have a keen eye and sharp mind, you may have noticed this is an atheist forum

Preaching to the choir or simply expressing opinions on any matter earn no brownie points. However, It's Ok if you make it clear you need a rant and perhaps refrain from posting it in the debate section.

IF you want a discussion or a debate try composing your post as a question, or say something like "I think A because of B C and D"

Perhaps you might like to make another attempt

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