Summit meeting in the Axis of Delusion

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Summit meeting in the Axis of Delusion

The Pope is visiting the UAE for a talkfest on fashion for men in dresses. I noticed the following comment from Sam Brownback, America's "Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom", who appears to be a bona fide government-appointed diplomat with an office in the State Department.

"This visit, featuring a meeting between Pope Francis & Grand Imam Al-Tayyeb, symbolizes brotherhood between Christians & Muslims–two groups rooted in the Abrahamic tradition. Interfaith gatherings like this go a long way to promoting greater global respect for religious freedom."

What do American atheists think about their tax dollars paying Sam Brownback's salary? Is there an Ambassador for International Freedom from Religion?

two groups rooted in the Abrahamic tradition

Well at any given moment, somebody, somewhere is being brutally rooted in the Abrahamic tradition.



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