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Do you believe in the supernatural?

What's your take on it?

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I don't believe in the

I don't believe in the supernatural, but I love the show though. Every time we have something we cannot fully comprehend yet, there will be people claiming some supernatural explanation to it. That has been happening throughout human history, and it is still occurring to this day, unfortunately.

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B. F. Skinner experiments

B. F. Skinner experiments give us great insight as to why we are superstitious:

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I actually work in what used

I actually work in what used to be BF Skinner's lab :)

He was definitely on the right track, but we know so much more now.

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I belive in the supernatural

I belive in the supernatural for there is some special people gifted of such. It might not go down right with you but seriously, there is supernaturals that are beyond our imagination and link back to God.

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Care to prove that there is a

Care to prove that there is a supernatural realm and a link back to god, and which god?

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The Randi foundation has a

The Randi foundation has a $1M reward for anyone who can demonstrate anything supernatural. No one has won it yet.

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I think the supernatural has

I think the supernatural has a natural seduction about it. Even the most hardcore atheist would love to see proof of an afterlife. I dont think any intelligent atheist is closed to the idea of wanting to know if there is something else out there.

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Wow 1 million for proof of

Wow 1 million for proof of anything supernatural and no one has come forward lol. It only goes to show how fake all of it is.

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Ohh, people have come forward

Ohh, people have come forward. They have all just been full of crap and using parlor trick. James Randi watches them do it, then explains exactly how it's done. Similar to Penn and Teller''s show.

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I believe that paranormal

I believe that paranormal events are probably of too wide a range to judge as a whole. But most paranormal phenomenon is indeed fake and none of it has been documented with enough proof to get that 1.1 million thats for sure lol.

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Can I ask you a question?

Can I ask you a question? Have you ever seen something and said Waoh! This is Wonderful? Or this is Supernatural? I can definitely bet a yes to that. So, why wouldn't you believe in the supernaturals?

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because that would be an

because that would be an appeal to ignorance, because you don't know what exactly that is, so labeling it as "supernatural" is a big jump from not knowing what it is. Just like when you see a glowing light and immediately claim that is a ghost, but in reality it's just a someone holding a flash light from a distance.

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I personally believe with

I personally believe with supernatural stuffs because its around us. Supernatural are things that are hard to explain because they are beyond evidence and demonstration. Church have their miracles while pagans belive in rituals and magic spells. Other people have bsupernatural ability like psychic powers, unbelievable energy, and too high intellect. Those are the supernatural things tha we commonly encounter yet cannot justify easily.

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psychic powers and the like

psychic powers and the like has been debunked, and there is a $1 million challenge for any psychic or anybody that claims supernatural powers to prove that it's real. Also if it's something we can't fully explain, it's NOT supernatural, because that means you already know what it is. Also by definition if something is supernatural, then it cannot be seen or occur in nature, meaning that we cannot see or detect it in nature because our organs are part of nature and is limited to nature, therefore if it happens in nature, it's not supernatural, it's basically natural.

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Would you consider an eclipse

Would you consider an eclipse a supernatural event? We used to, because we couldn't yet explain it. Everything science has figured out has had a natural cause. The point is that what we don't know, we try to figure out how it works, and when we do, we find it has a natural cause in every case. There has not been a case where we have given up and said it's just supernatural ever.

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I haven't personally

I haven't personally experienced or witnessed a supernatural event, so I don't really believe in it. But I do believe that there are things that are currently unexplainable. Maybe in the future those things would have a clear explanation.

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