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Taking action

I feel that there has been way too much talk and very little action. So many countries are being driven into the ground due to governments embracing religion as their law....America will be next. Don't be scared. Voice your thoughts.

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Be sacred be very scared but

Be sacred be very scared but don't let fear rule your life let it inform you when danger approaches and handle things before they get out of hand Rule your fear, mold it into lesson and learn from it. Forge it into a sword of truth and reason from it and when you overcome it will be a weapon with which you will no longer need but be able to help others. just teh narative that popped into my head when I read "Don't be scared Voice your thoughts." Any religion ruling any government is something to be scared of and worthy of being interfered with but fear nothing and be smart before taking any actions.

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I feel that there is action

I feel that there is action being taken, but in the absolutely wrong direction. I agree wholeheartedly on too much talk.

In America specifically, people talk endlessly about their rights, their freedoms, etc... but when the powers that be, which people for some reason take for granted and feel can't be challenged, move in on those freedoms and chip away at them, they do absolutely nothing and instead start whining about bits and pieces of the big picture of freedom, basically dismantling their own arguments. It's stupid. And yes I agree that such a weak and easily distracted public will fall prey to religious influence when it moves in on us.

If you're going to bother talking, stand behind your words! I'm not really for lashing out in any particular direction, but I'll be damned if I let anyone lash out against *me*.

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It will be hard if the

It will be hard if the government have other issues need to be addressed first such as economic problems and other related issues.

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That's assuming that it's the

That's assuming that it's the government that's going to be taking the action... I was thinking of this more on an individual basis.

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I think right now religion is

I think right now religion is the least of America's worries. There are so many other issues at hand that need to be addressed first and foremost so we can get this country back on its feet again.

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Definitely agree. Which is

Definitely agree. Which is why I think that we should just maintain a separation between church and state, and get back to those other *way* more important issues. Why religion is still even up for debate in this country is completely beyond me!

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I thought we were far beyond

I thought we were far beyond that also but it seems there is still a controversy about it and there doesn't have to be. Religion should in no way have an effect on what we do as a country.

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It feels like one step

It feels like one step forward, two steps back sometimes...

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There should be proper

There should be proper separation of religion and state. Better to focus on how to be humane and government officials should not be greedy.

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If only there were some way

If only there were some way to separate greed, power, and fear from humanity, I think we'd finally have a utopia on our hands!

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