Tally of History - The gods vs. the godless

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Tally of History - The gods vs. the godless

I thought it would be interesting to do a deep dive of history to see which side has had more people that had a positive impact on the societies of the world. Like Death Battle from ScrewAttack or Epic Rap Battles. Except, since I am hosting this, it is much lamer :)

I'll start with some loose ground rules. We are not focusing on belief or non belief, or the effects thereof, but rather, the effects of belief or non belief on individuals in history and those individuals' impact on societies of their time. General etiquette is recommended. Also cite sources if possible.

I'll start, To make this fun, let's make it 2v2 or 3v3 or 5v5:

Isaac Newton, Nickolai Telsa, Mark Twain vs Plato, Bertrand Russell, and Barack Obama

1. Newton was a committed unitarian that set his mother's house on fire. With his mother in it
2. Tesla was in romantic love with a pigeon that shot lazers from its eyes and supposedly gave him visions of the future
3. Mark Twain said something along the lines that Christians were the best people for the worst reasons
4. Plato failed in created his utopia
5. Bertrand Russell was defeated in a debate with a old grandama about turtles
6. Barack Hussein Obama is a collossal, amoral, douschebag

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I'll give this a shot :)

I'll give this a shot :)

Archimedes, Aristotle, the first Xin emperor, Shiguri Myamoto vs. Socrates, Marx, and Hume, Akira Toriyama

1.Built war machines. Went out like a boss
2. Built a system of false logic that poisons Western culture to this day
3. ending the warring states, but then ruled like a total douschebag
4. made fun but bland games for kids
5. was a boss
6. no idea
7. no idea
8. Made fun and semiphilosophical cartoon. Making Chrono Trigger puts him on the side of good though :)

Cheers :D

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