The term "Elohim"

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The term "Elohim"

I have watched a couple documentaries about the Hebrew text of the Bible (the ancient text) and am particularly drawn to the term Elohim and how it contains male + female translation (androgynous). When I first learned this I was in awe because it makes so much sense yet clashes with the mainstream image of God being all male.

Today I was speaking with a Christian and brought up this piece of information but he was quick to throw it out. He said something along the lines of God's spirit being male and female, not his physical form. I'm not an expert on the subject so I didn't pursue the topic. Do any of you have information about this subject?

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That is acturally false it

That is acturally false it has nothing to do with male or female. The term Elohim is another word meaning God in Hebrew. In the Hebrew bible the Jewish leaders were afraid to mis-pronounce God's name YHWH so instead of attempting to pronounce his name they replaced it with Adonai and Elohim.

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Adonai is actually the name

Adonai is actually the name of a god from a previous Mesopotamian civilization, interestingly enough. There's not concrete proof, but anthropologists and archeologists have theorized that some of the tribes of Judah may have been believers of this religion before being captured by the Egyptians. Quite likely, though they won't ever admit to it.

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I was not aware of this, I

I was not aware of this, I will look into it a bit more.

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Elohim stems from El which

Elohim stems from El which was a generic term for god in ancient hebrew. In the hebrew bible Elohim is used similarly to describe Yahweh as well as other gods including Chemosh( 1 Kings 11:33 ). In Caanonite lore El Elyon was the "god most high." It would be good to reference greek, Caanonite, and Pheonician religions for determining the origins of the names.

Three gods from the earlier religions consolidated into what the Hebrews called Yahweh, though cults following the individual gods took a while to eventually weed out. This get muddled pretty quickly so I recommend you do your own research.

Baal, Adonai, and El

In Pheonician El, being god, was often coupled to olam, to make Elolam and was also known as Dagun, Ptah, and the father. One of El's sons was Ba'al who was given the title "rider in the clouds," which also applies to the biblical Yahweh in Psalm 68.4. Ba'al is also associated with victory over death as he pretends to die, buried by his sister, goes into the underworld as a shade, then returns and El supports Ba'al's rule, and Death submits to him. It's really a lot of brotherly infighting.

Adonai stems from other sources, Adon and Adonis, so ultimately Yahweh has many names because it is the culmination of many gods that slowly funneled into one monotheistic god. So to say Elohim is androgynous is a little misleading because it could apply to any god that came before. However, the chief gods that went into most of the biblical stories are from male deities.

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