Theism makes people stupid.

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Theism makes people stupid.

Only a theistic religion can make people fall for such lame scams we call Christianity.

Borrowing from neighbors to donate to a christian preacher so god can make you rich.

Just unbelievable if not seen with your own eyes.

At least she admits that she is stupid unlike most theists I know.
Stupid people can only heal the hard way if healing is even possible.

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Lmfao, just no. And as

Lmfao, just no. And as intelligent as you are Jeff I think you know know why.

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please Ellie enlighten me,

please Ellie enlighten me,
why does something that promotes gullibility not make people stupid?

I say that the flying spaghetti monster exists and I have written a book about it, this book has 2000 year old paper and is sacred.
Believe on faith everything that is written on this book as being divinely inspired.
Thus believe that the flying spaghetti monster exists on faith.

Please prove to me how people that are stupid enough to believe anything on faith are not stupid.

Non- stupid people base their opinions on evidence presented and not on faith.
The rest are stupid, plain and simple, honest and harsh but it is the truth for who is mature enough to accept it.

Here is one of the best speeches of Matt during one of TAE shows.

He explains this idea that even to show that faith is a good thing you still need evidence.
(being stupid is not being ignorant= refuting to find the truth though more knowledge)
That is one of the reasons why theists always loose arguments and just leave, because they don't want the truth but want to keep being ignorant since they think it is best for them)

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Hmm on this note i think I'm

Hmm on this note i think I'm gonna make a new topic on the definition of stupidity and how our bias interferes with the truth, to call things what they are just because our culture deems is insensitive or not friendly.

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Now, be honest... When you

Now, be honest... When you saw the "Bishop of Bling", didn't you have the feeling you chose the wrong career for yourself...? I know I did... Cause you can't probably get "something out of nothing"... But it is clear that you can make a profit out of nothing...

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Teresa Forcades is stupid!?

Teresa Forcades is stupid!?
There have been many theist scientist & teachers throughout human history. Can a flawed epistemology result in bad descision making, yep. Can ignoring a confirmation bias in one area of thought in your view of realty be dangerous, yes. Does choosing, being indoctrinated into, or pretending to buy into a form theism lesson your intelligence and/or common sense, hell no.
Jeff as for you asking me to prove your claim wrong; its your claim and your burden of proof to prove that theism can be measured to be a causality (& not a correlation) in drops human intelligence.

Jeff Vella Leone's picture
"Does choosing, being

"Does choosing, being indoctrinated into, or pretending to buy into a form theism lesson your intelligence and/or common sense, hell no."

I don't need to prove it, it has been proven by history itself.

Look how much it took us to convince ' theist humanists' that gays are equal humans and deserve equal rights.

Or look at the creationist museum where people think that humans were riding dinos.
Or having the church(the origin of theism) as one of the riches private companies of the world but still needs money from the people.
Somehow this comes natural to theist to give money to the needy church.
If this doesn't demonstrate that intelligence is lacking from those people, I don't know what does.

Ellie seriously, on which world are you living?

If you think that believing on faith(gullibility) is good, then it comes natural that you apply the same method to other fields.
Though yes one might still be intelligent in other fields but stupid in analyzing the data given to him.
Though I don't think this happens a lot.

Also my claim is that theism promotes stupidity and that it is good to be stupid.(it does not claim that all theist are stupid in everything)
Now you might also find a theist which claims he is a theist just for social pressure.

Also i can make an other claim here that all Christians are not truly Christians just like Teresa Forcades, where it seems that she criticizes the church but is hypocrite enough to say that Jesus teaching are better.
It requires a certain level of stupidity to think that anything that Jesus said is moral or makes any moral sens.

Let us start with:
"Love everybody like yourself"
Which Jesus himself knew it was not possible, thus he said it only to make us feel guilty and unworthy.

A theist that thinks that god loves him and god has a special place for him in heaven is much more likely to press the button of a nuke (when pressured) then a guy that thinks that this life is the only life he has.

About Teresa Forcades and how theism can make sane people say/do incredibly stupid things:

This stupidity comes from the theism theology that was imposed upon her brain when she was a kid.(she doesn't seem to be born stupid)

It is a type of stupidity which is chosen and is not natural. It makes people choose to be gullible(have faith).

Did you ever say to someone, "Don't be stupid?"
Something similar to that but more matured inside the brain.

Theism MAKES PEOPLE SEE A DIFFERENT REALITY, and this different reality is similar to many ways to the real reality, So some common sens still applies but when it comes the the part which are different from the real reality, their common sens does not apply to this reality but only to their own brainwashed reality.(that is why there are so many denominations of Christianity) Thus they say incredibly stupid things which do not reflect the real reality.
If you have the wrong reality you are most likely to derive the wrong conclusion on most of the important things like pressing the button on a nuke to send everyone to a better place.

It is really that simple.

I don't know how to explain it better then this.

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Let's not generalized all

Let's not generalized all theists here. Their are lots of scientists and philosophers who are theist and highly intelligent.

Travis Fremon Johnson's picture
Just because some people lack

Just because some people lack skills in one area doesn't mean the can't excel in others. Take autistic savants for example that can not function well in society but have excellent skills in a specific area such as math. Someone may not be good at accepting their origin or not having the answers, but they may still have a better than average intelligence or specialize in what they have found comes naturally to them.

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Good point Travis!

Good point Travis!

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Travis i don't know who are

Travis i don't know who are you replying to?

What does savants have to do with the argument that theism makes people more stupid?
Are you saying that savants are theists?

Lmale's picture
You could consider how much

You could consider how much smarter they would be without their brainwashing.
There are always exceptions to rules so the possibility of intelligent theists is allowed but rare and the numbers seem to show that.
Also consider a theist could be smart in areas concurrent with their belief and dumb in all other areas. So we would expect to see theist theologians and philosophers etc. Not many theist biologists are there :)

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