Theists: Why are you AFRAID to do any research?

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What is wrong with being

What is wrong with being eloquent and using the proper descriptions?

I find it amusing you are attempting a personal attack on a person who is exhibiting intelligence and clarity of thought.

OK, enough of your Ad hominem, do you have anything that counters the content of the post?

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"I do not think that their intention was to use alot of big words simply to seem smart."

A writer is always free to use whatever words he wants to use to convey his ideas. That is not generally a problem. Excessively long sentences one after another is.

Editing Tip: Sentence Length

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Tons of word salad.

Tons of word salad.

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And don't forget the dressing

And don't forget the dressing...

CyberLN's Razor: A nice vinaigrette dressing must be served with any word salad.



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