Theories and beer.

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Theories and beer.

The oldest manmade beverage is beer. The earliest evidence of beer is in a Sumerian poem honoring Ninkasi about 3900 years ago. That means beer has probably been around for longer than 3900 years. Oh, by the way, religion is probably the same age.
I wonder if thoughts of a god actually were contemplated over a couple of beers. Probably the idea of Abraham was planned out on a bar napkin or the equivalent of the time. Maybe it was actually Abraham himself.
I can just envision it now:
"Hey bub,...hic*...See I've been wonderin' what's it all for. Life, I mean. I figure that there is some dude way up there (pointing to the stars). Pullin' the reigns on the old chariot if you know what I mean....hic*!

So on and so forth. Yes, I bet had a big influence on the folklore that we now call the belief in god. Now you might say that some religions don't believe in alcohol but hasn't always been the case. After the old adage is "where ever you see 4 baptist together you'll find a fifth (meaning pint). Hell, terrorists right before a suicide attack are usually leaving a topless bar.

I guess that alcohol is a big factor in generating the warped idea of a god and religion.

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@Mykcob4 "I guess that

@Mykcob4 "I guess that alcohol is a big factor in generating the warped idea of a god and religion."

Maybe. But not good old wholesome beer and wine. I think religion is more likely the warped child of magic mushrooms, datura, and poppies.

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You're probably right.

You're probably right.

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Beer just makes me have to

Beer just makes me have to pee a lot. But, MAN.... Some of the dreams I had while going through that poppy field on the way to Emerald City were AWESOME. Just wish I would have had a paper and pen to write them all down. I probably could've started a whole new religion of my own.

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@Tin-man: "Beer just makes me

@Tin-man: "Beer just makes me have to pee a lot."

LOL. Watch out for rust. I was once in a bar in Tokyo where someone collapsed in the toilet and blocked the door. There was a long line of desperate beer drinkers trying to hold the flow by doing that funny nodding motion like they do at the wailing wall in Jerusalem.

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@Algebe. Re: Long lines at

@Algebe. Re: Long lines at toilet

Whenever I run into that situation, I just hurry outside and find a bush or car to hide behind to do my business. Yeah, the rust problem is annoying, but that isn't the real problem. My pipes and valves are rated for only so many psi, and - believe me - you DO NOT want to be around if one of them bursts. Just ask my poor kindergarten teacher.from about 44 years ago. (I think she STILL goes to therapy sessions.)

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God bless Charlie Mops, the

God bless Charlie Mops, the man who invented beer!

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Some people equate being

Some people equate being intoxicated with having fun. They seem unable to have a good time without alcohol or some other drug. I'm not a party pooper, but I'm happier sober.

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Truth be known, while I do

Truth be known, while I do enjoy a good cold beer once in awhile, I am not a fan of getting drunk. I don't like the feeling of losing control of myself. *shudder* Besides, hangovers are far more horrible now than they were back in my younger days. lol

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Whatever it was it spread

Whatever it was it spread like a collegiate case of crabs and snowballed into a giant avalanche of bullshit.

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They get all their ideas from

They get all their ideas from beer then forbid everyone else from drinking it. Fucking hypocrites !

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I would like to have a couple

I would like to have a couple beers with Mycob4, Tinman and Chimp3, of course we couldn't be in just any bar we would have to be somewhere that other folks could not hear us. I'm not excluding anyone here I would personally like to have a couple with most of the people that I have read their posts on here excepting a couple of the theobabble folks.

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Probably smoking a big hogleg

Probably smoking a big hogleg would be better, no aggressiveness, just laid back with your thoughts, and of course some good munchies......

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Muchos gracias, Thinker. That

Muchos gracias, Thinker. That would be one helluva meeting. And so what if other people could hear us? Shit, it might actually do them some good. lol

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I'm not much a beer drinker,

I'm not much of a beer drinker, but I would definetely have some of them with you, guys.

Here's to freethinkers! ¡Salud!


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NOW it's a party!

NOW it's a party!

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Count me in. Mykcob4 and Tin

Count me in. Mykcob4 and Tin-man in particular I'd to have a beer with and discuss ideas.

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Sounds good to me, Agnos.

Sounds good to me, Agnos. Might be fun to have Jared along for the ride, too. I believe he may be too young for the beer, but he said he doesn't drink anyway. (Smart kid. *chuckle*)

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Coke on the rocks will suit

Coke on the rocks will suit me fine. But yes, 17 is a bit young for beer. Not too young for stimulating conversation with scholars, though.

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@Jared Re: Scholar

@Jared Re: Scholar

Hate to disappoint, but about the closest I ever came to being a scholar was watching "Back to School" starring Rodney Dangerfield. Still, it would be a hoot-n-a-holler having a friendly sit-down with you and a few others on here.

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Speaking of beer in the

Speaking of beer in the ancient world, a Roman Centurion walked into a bar and saw a group of his buddies at a table in the corner. He looked at the bartender, held up two fingers and then headed to join his buddies.
"Coming right up, Sir," said the bartender, "Five beers."

Saturnalia Greetings.

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If you're going to drink beer

If you're going to drink beer, Guinness is the thing. It's black, bitter and smooth as silk. The bubbles are nitrogen, not CO2, so they cascade down into the beer rather than floating up. Guinness has less calories than skim milk and is full of antioxidants, iron, and vitamin B3/B12. You can pretend you're drinking a health food as you get drunk.

There's an urban legend that the secret ingredient is a dead donkey in every vat. After four or five pints of Guinness, I feel deeply enlightened and ready to go and christen the porcelain head of god.

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@Algebe Re: Guinness

@Algebe Re: Guinness

Yep, Guinness is definitely yummy. I prefer it from draft, however, as the can/bottle variety always seems too flat for some reason. And if you like the black bitters like Guinness, then you should try the Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. A truly excellent beverage. However, that too is better from tap as opposed to bottle/can. Problem is, though, it is hard to find anywhere here even in bottles, much less on tap.
Oh, almost forgot. One of my all-time favorites is Medalla. It is like the Puerto Rican national beer, and I have yet to find it anywhere else outside Puerto Rico. Well, slight correction. I know it is sold in a few mainland states, but none are of easy/practical access. So sad. *frowning face*

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Like my history teacher:

Like my history teacher: black and bitter.

Is that wrong to say? He's a wonderful man. Taught history quite well.

Tin-Man's picture
Re: History teacher

Re: History teacher

Actually, rather endearing, if you ask me. lol

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Okay, folks, Nyarthelahotep,

Okay, folks, Nyarthelahotep, and others are the scholars here. I am just a well-traveled adequately educated old man.
I don't drink anymore because I am an alcoholic. I was a beer aficionado at one time. I prefer Guinness although that is a very commercial beer. I prefer cream ale and hate lagers. I like malt liquor at times.
As a drinker, I would not be a "pure BEER drinker" in the classic sense. I drank beer to go with single malt scotch whiskey. I prefer Irish over all other kinds. Although there are a few Bavarians that are noteworthy.
There is not a whiskey or a beer worth its salt made in the new world or Asia. Africa makes the worst alcoholic beverages ever invented.
Now for intellectual stimulus, I am not that entertaining. I am not a scientist, nor a philosopher. I am an artist at heart.
Political and religious discussions become very heated where I am concerned. I welcome all of you but alas such a meeting is probably impossible.
My ideal meeting would be with ALL of you in Oxford along the canals. Everybody bringing something to contribute, from reciting a self-penned poem to telling bad jokes!

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@Myk Re: Meeting in Oxford

@Myk Re: Meeting in Oxford

Hell, Myk, that actually sounds better than meeting up for the beers.

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As long as it isn't at

As long as it isn't at Parsons Pleasure, I remember punting past there just to make the girls squeal in horror!

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"There is not a whiskey or a

"There is not a whiskey or a beer worth its salt made in the new world or Asia."

Suntory and Nikka make some fairly respectable single malts. Kirin lagers are pretty good, too.

The place for a symposium (aka boozy party) is under cherry trees in full blossom, in Kyoto in April, or in Christchurch, New Zealand in September. Everyone drinks till they can't stand and then lies down on the grass to view the blue of the sky through the pink canopy. As you talk and think and contemplate, you see cherry petals start to fall from the trees one by one, and you're reminded that you only have one life, one springtime, one brief chance to shine, before the breeze of time wafts you down into oblivion. So you stand up and sing and dance in the middle of a pink petal blizzard, content to live in the here and now.

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I've tried them all Algebe

I've tried them all Algebe and I have to respectfully disagree.

algebe's picture
Things have changed a bit in

Things have changed a bit in past couple of decades.

I've never tried this one. It's far too expensive for my unsophisticated palate. But the experts seem to think it's rather special.


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