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And I have a great poem I

And I have a great poem I wrote that I have been waiting for the right moment to share.

"Hickory dickory dock. The mouse ran up my..." (The rest will have to wait for the meeting. Don't want to spoil the ending.)

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A far better man came to me

A far better man came to me one day
I was anxious to hear the words he had to say
He stared intently and with a pause noticed the gaze upon my face

He grinned sweetly and muttered "hello"
I nodded in reverence insecurely and slow
He took my hand and shook it then took his place

He said with confidence "Ah the world"
And jestered sweepingly as his sleeve unfurled
"'Tis an honor that we may just be"

Then he stood and stared out once more
And strode off to the distant shore
And that far better man just left me...a far better man

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If all the world's a stage

If all the world's a stage with actors,
To the audience they're captors,
Young and old they come and look with awe.

Tickets are free and laughs are cheaper.
Tears for tragedies much deeper
Than thoughts of what it was that they just saw.

And when it's time for intermission,
Finished with the exposition,
They return, one and all for the last acts.

Crying, begging, don't be over!
The love is not yet with her lover!
But each will slowly learn to cope with facts.

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Nice poem Jared

Nice poem Jared

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Dammit, Jared. Got me a

Dammit, Jared. Got me a little choked up there, bud. Beautiful.

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Tin and Myk: thanks guys.

Tin and Myk: thanks guys.


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