the theory of evolution is lacking.

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I know Tin-man. The is stupid

I know Tin-man. The is stupid and there is stupid where you want want gouge your brain out with a dull spoon because it hurts stupid. This video is definitely the latter. I bet your mate Scarecrow would have wanted to gouge his brain too after watching that video.

My sincere apologies for inflicting that video on you. By rights I should arrested for common assault.

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To: Agno. Re: Brain gouging..

To: Agnos. Re: Brain gouging...

Apology accepted, Agno. I know it was not done maliciously. I did show it to Scarecrow, by the way. I was informed he sent his brain back to the Wizard for reprogramming immediately after watching it. Meanwhile he's just hanging up back on his post at the junction.

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Pretty good response here to

Pretty good response here to that painful video claiming fossils are fake.

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The man looked like he wanted

The man looked like he wanted to gouge his braim out with a dull spoon. Hahahahaha

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I'm in a bit if a quandry.

I'm in a bit if a quandry. Disturbingly enough, I would almost want to see a few more vids from that girl just for the sake of determining what other type of nonsense she is hurling toward the masses. The problem is I'm not sure how much I could stand before my brain imploded. Don't know if it is worth the risk. And my eyes can role back in my head only so far before violently detaching themselves from the optic nerve. Decisions, decisions...


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