There are methods to treat the validity of the theory that God exists

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Actually, this "God" thing is

Actually, this "God" thing is a tyrannically enforced, compelled, dictated, imposed faerie tale. I would not even give it the blessing of calling it a hypothesis, much less a working hypothesis.

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PP: Your god seems to be the

PP: Your god seems to be the god that existed and ignited the universe 13.7 billiion years ago. I wonder what god this is and what religious writings support it's existence

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Wait, so time-space is a

Wait, so time-space is a dartboard and your creator just happened to get lucky?

Yeah, there's a convincing argument right there. (infer sarcastic tone here)

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Simple as this really, throw

Simple as this really, throw a pack of cards in the air and see which way they fall, you will get a result that in probability theory is basically zero, but alas the cards landed that way.

The most unlikely events can and do happen frequently.

The fact any particular individual is born given the events your entire family history of your ancestors lived through so your parents were born thousand of years later is effectively zero.

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I ponder at what he odds are

I ponder at what he odds are that I would be sitting in front of my computer at this moment, replying to this post. I had a fine dinner, but I could have choked on a fish bone. Forty years ago I may have folded on a bet while playing poker with my friends, and had a few bucks to go to a movie. I may have been attracted to the cutie selling popcorn, and who knows, I may have married her.

And when it came to my conception, just one of maybe forty million sperm won the race. And the odds my parents had sex that night was also fraught with uncertainty and odds.

The point is, when one attempts to calculate the odds of just going back five generations, and that every event and decision can change the outcome, the odds are astounding.

Yet, I am here. We are all products of circumstance, from the rapid expansion to picking the right puppy in the window.

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IMO, telling someone you were

IMO, telling someone you were fated to be together is more romantic than saying you had no choice in the matter.

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@PP original post.

@PP original post.

There are many many things wrong with your initial post that I wont get into, unless you ask me to.

The easy, fast, flippant, yet devastatingly true counter argument is:
Say you are right and there is some sort of "creator" that started everything.

How do we know it is your god? Or any god? Perhaps some pigeon in a larger reality shat out all the ingredients of our known universe like diarrhea on some poor SOB's brand new luxury car? You have no way knowing, I dont, nobody does. What is the approximate likelihood that is your god that you had in mind that created everything? I would also say it is some ridiculous number like what you said: "1 part in 10 to the power of 10 to the power or 123, that is 1 followed by 10 to the 123rd power zeros."
Which does not make much sense, why not just type in: 1 in 10^123?

Also 10^123 is way way way more than all the atoms in the universe. And be reminded that there is well over 100 trillions of atoms in a single grain of sand. Such a large number is garbage and completely useless. It is kind of like saying: what are the odds that I will breath in 86561843362357736 molecules of O2 in the next second? Who knows? Who cares? Does knowing the answer mean anything at all? Ofcourse not, big numbers like that are meaningless to us.


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