There is no true evidence is there?

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There is no true evidence is there?

I think most people who try to convince others that jesus existed are never able to provide any real proof that all the event sorrounding him ever really happened. Is there any actual proof for any of this that I might not have heard of?

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I think the story of Jesus is

I think the story of Jesus is based on a real person and most non-Christian scholars agree. Here is what Bart Ehrman, an agnostic atheist and an American New Testament scholar has to say about it:

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Good video armin. I think

Good video armin. I think while jesus was based on a real person, the whole paranormal aspect of his life will never be proven just like all paranormal events of our time are not proven either.

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Jesus really existed because

Jesus really existed because if we will check the historical records and the testimonies of the people during his time particularly St. Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus who preached about him and unknowingly started the catholic church. The twelve apostles were scattered everywhere and they are proclaiming stories about Jesus. He indeed existed but there are no strong evidences regarding his miracles.

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The New Testament was written

The New Testament was written down around 90 years after Jesus' death. Outside of the Bible there are about ten documents that mention him. Most have been found to be doctored. The rest were written well after the bible and the authors had read the bible prior to writing their accounts. I would suggest the historicity of Jesus is not very concrete.

For one who has studied it a lot more than I.

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Nice documentary. It

Nice documentary. It solidifies my theory.

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Jesus may or may not have

Jesus may or may not have existed, it's kind of irrelevant for me. I don't see any reason to disbelieve it, though I would not accept him as the son of god (his only words on the subject refer to us all as the children of God, he did not think he was special in that regard) But let's look at some things.

The year of Jesus's birth was a census year in the Roman Empire (let's never forget what was going on in the *rest* of the world at the time, as so many JudeoChristians do) This story about baby Jesus in a manger and all that... Joseph and Mary would have been on their way to Nazareth so that Mary could be recorded as Joseph's wife and made official. Nevermind all the baloney about the King wanting to kill the sons born of that year because one of them would be made King - it's entirely untrue. There were plenty of male babies born that year, and they weren't killed.

Because Mary went into early labor, Jesus was not recorded in the census as the son of Joesph of Nazareth. Several later children were, however. It is odd that during the next census year, Jesus has managed to slip away for some wild times at the circus... but things do happen.

In the court records surrounding his trial and crucifixion, Jesus does show up! However, no death was recorded, being as they could not find the body, and it's not like no one's ever made legal errors before.

It's perfectly reasonable for Jesus to have existed... but I'm sure that things have been exaggerated over time, as they tend to be. You can't point a pencil at a history book without finding something that has either been incorrectly copied at some point or another or will be proven wrong in just a little bit, so I don't understand why Theists take it so personally.

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Well, it may be hard for

Well, it may be hard for theists to prove to atheists that Jesus really existed because we aren't present during that time yet. But, Jesus is still a man of goodness and love for me whether he is the son of god or not.

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If he was real, he definitely

If he was real, he definitely had some virtues that would serve as a lesson for all of us. Most of us do if we bother to look closely enough.

As far as what the church has turned him into over the last 2000 years - Jesus, if he meant anything he said at any point in the bible, would be entirely appalled by what they did to his words.

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The only way someone could

The only way someone could ever come up with solid proof is if they presented some sort of miracle to the masses. If some sort of supernatural power truly materialized and allowed us to see it. If angels came down from heavens, or god himself decided to talk to his little creations all together listening while he preaches from the sky.

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