There they go again

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There they go again

One of the famous feast in the Philippines is the Feast of Black Nazarene. Millions of believers from different parts of the country gather for this feast but it was also reported that going there can be very harmful due to stampede, thieves and very limited space that are dangerous for sick people. There they go again, showing faith even it can harm them. I feel pity for these devoted Christians.

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I remember when I use to be

I remember when I use to be like it. I get very upset when God doesn't come to save me. I was ill, upset and constantly getting hurt and I would beg for years and all that did was make my life worse.

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You have my condolences, I

You have my condolences, I hope you are doing better now. I wonder why it is that when people need this supposed god he is always to busy giving babies cancer or working on the next natural catastrophe, did they just not believe hard enough, or is it that their supposed god is a douche?

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Recent report about it is the

Recent report about it is the death of one of those who are carrying the image. That was really horrific knowing how people continue with the parade despite of all the harm that it brought. Many were hurt but they believe that they will be blessed after such sacrifices.

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now there are 2 recorded

now there are 2 recorded deaths after the feast' parade... that was indeed a silly tradition that people keep on attending.

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