They Keep Trying

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They Keep Trying

A. It seems that all arguments for a God have failed, so why do God believers keep trying?

B. Why don't God believers admit defeat regarding logic and default to fideism? (Or they could make the very weak statement that the arguments make sense to them, even though they don't withstand rational critique.)

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Because, as has been said

Because, as has been said many times before, they have this stuff pounded into their heads when they are very young, and it sticks, and forms part of their worldview. Their family and friends and community all share the same stuff so that reinforces it. It's nice and familiar and comforting, so they don't question it; logic is irrelevant.

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This idea has occurred to me

This idea has occurred to me in fleeting past moments. Looks like I was correct.

If you know of other threads that discuss this topic, feel free to share them. (I'm a new guy here, so I'm still exploring this site.)

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