Thoughts on Deism?

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Thoughts on Deism?

I am new to this site and I was wondering what the general consensus was or what the individual thoughts were on Deism. What are your best arguments for or against it? Thanks

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Generally, I view deism as

Generally, I view deism as part of the progression from theism to atheism. A belief in some form of god often lasts longer than faith in any particular religion, so many wind up being deists after they give up on religion, and before they accept and embrace that god isn't very probable or likely at all.

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deism is not much a defined

deism is not much a defined concept.
In general it is the idea of a creator or prime mover.

This creator could vary, from an unknown deity/being to just energy(engine of the universe)
There is a heavy focus on the understanding of how the universe works to understand more the creator.

It originates before the concept of Theism, it was an honest critic attempt to understand nature and the universe.

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Another point about Deism is

Another point about Deism is that it's not a threat to science, education or politics. It doesn't justify committing atrocities, distort sexuality, promote misogyny and discrimination or any of the other insanity that Theism actively contributes to.

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Deism is believing that

Deism is believing that somewhere out there, something, a higher power exists.

For me, the conversion from believer (Muslim) to non-believer was slow and painful. I spent a lot of time in the "deist" stage, disregarding Islamic teachings, yet believing that God exists out there somewhere but we as humans have failed to connect with him.

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Although I do personally lack

Although I do personally lack a belief in the existence of a god. In my personal opinion, Deism is the only logical position of a reality in which a god exists.

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You wrote: "A reality in

You wrote: "A reality in which a god exists." What reality is that? Do you have your own personal reality? Care to share what proof you have that a god exists?

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"In my personal opinion,

"In my personal opinion, Deism is the only logical position of a reality in which a god exists."

So belief in a deity is the only logical position if a deity exists? I'd be inclined to agree, but no evidence has been demonstrated that a deity does exists, and you could replace the word deity with unicorn in that sentence and it'd be no "less" valid.

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To me, it's one step closer

To me, it's one step closer to opening one's mind. It's a sign of improvement. At least I had to go through that stage in order for me to have a complete transformation from being religious to becoming an atheist.

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I do not relate to the

I do not relate to the concept that atheism is a learned point of view.

I was born this way and never had any doubts.

Unless a person was a closet atheist? Not sure if there is such a thing.

Skepticism is scientifically proven to be genetic.

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Yes everyone is born atheist

Yes everyone is born atheist even the most devout theist was born atheist before he was conditioned/chose a particular religion.

Usually religion obeys borders because of this reason.

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Deism is belief in a supreme

Deism is belief in a supreme being. I don't believe any of the claims I have heard about the existence of supreme beings. The time to believe in supreme beings is when there is proof or at a minimum good evidence that a supreme being exists. Do you have any good evidence or proof?

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The terms deist/atheist

The terms deist/atheist/theist only represent your view on one issue that is independent of morality, but I imagine generally that deists are probably less likely to be assholes than the average person.

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