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"it's not like anyone knows me or can see my face so it's fine"

And I will be the first to defend your right to privacy. But your god knows, you or I can not fool your god. Your god would know that I do not believe in it, and if I made a deathbed change of heart, just to play the safe odds, your god would know I am not sincere.

For your information, this spring I had a very serious medical condition, and as I walked into the Emergency department at my hospital, I seriously wondered if I would walk out. In 2010 I was rushed into emergency surgery, and I was aware enough to understand that my odds of surviving were low. I faced death, and I never considered praying or appealing to any divine entity.

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I think members would get

I think members would get angry at god, if one actually existed, the implication the OP makes, is simply false.

This goes for Pascal's wager too, sure one may choose to take the position if they are not sure,
But I would imagine that most atheists will have far more pressing concerns, whilst on their death-beds.

I for one imagine that I would worry about my child, consider what I had and hadn't achieved etc.

But as for god, I am happy with my position that none exists and the notion is simply a man made one at that!
Furthermore, If I did pass away and ended up being confronted by a deity, I would argue that his mere existence was woefully put forward by his followers.
That any credible evidence for his/her existence simply did not exist and that if my reasoning and rationale wasn't clear, that this was not a god worthy of praise, but only of ridicule for his incompetence and ineptitude.

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SOA has not shown any

SOA has not shown any interest in the replies, this rather adds substance to the idea his OP is an attempt to troll atheists, and produce an angry response so he/she can have their "I told you so" moment.

What's wrong with being angered by the bigoted ignorance, and stupidity inherrent in most archaic and pernicious superstions anyway?

A more salient question is why my disbelieving religious flim flam seems to bunch the panties of so many theists?

Angry indeed, its theists who are committing acts of violence and murder in the name of their beliefs, not atheists. Theists do make me laugh, and I imagine if SOA ever bothers to come back he'll cite the old "Stalin and Mao were atheists" canard. Another irony meter goes in the bin....

Didn't SFT use this same pathetic lie all the time, that we were obsessed with theists, and on an atheist forum as well. None too bright was SFT.

Funny though, even if it was unintentionally so.

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@Sheldon: I don't know

@Sheldon: I don't know that we can make the leap to "troll." Certainly another fly by Christian. When I see these guys, I tend to imagine that they have read something or heard something that they think is a knock down logical argument for the existence of god and they just want to share it. Pascal's Wager was indeed one of the reasons I opted for a Christian life. I remember someone handing me that little booklet. With each page I turned it made more and more sense. This is the effect of Christian Bullshit on an untrained mind.

My hope is that after reading the replies, the OP became so embarrassed that he could not continue. That the OP actually gets what a piss poor position Pascal's Wager actually is. Call me optimistic, but I hope the OP as well as some of the lurkers pick up the FACT that Pascal's Wager, from its first word to its' last, is utter and complete nonsense.

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servantofAllah - All

servantofAllah - All religions believe in one God who created everything...

Why would you even consider posting such an obvious falsehood?

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servantofAllah - ...if you

servantofAllah - ...if you genuinely believe in God before you die, all the Abrahamic religions state that you will be forgiven.

At the very least: many denominations of Christianity (the religion I have the most experience with because of where I live) do not endorse that view.

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Pascal's wager doesn't help

Pascal's wager doesn't help determine which god is better to believe in. To actually win the wager you must believe in ALL gods, which is in itself a failure as many religions require you to believe in no other gods besides the one they preach about.

So Pascal's wager is not a wager at all, it's an illusion for the ignorant.

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"Pascal's wager doesn't help determine which god is better to believe in"

I guess one could always make their wager in order to get into the best heaven, or avoid the worst hell.

Thing is, all religions versions of heavens, sound like hells to me.

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Well, if this god knew

Well, if this god knew everything in our hearts and minds, then he'd know that we're converting to religion just to be on the safe side.

Doesn't this FAIL AT THIS VERY MOMENT? I believe this god can see through this deception of ours. So what's the point?

Besides, there's too much against god, practically and principally. No atheist, as far as I know, is afraid of god or hell.

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No atheist, as far as I know,

No atheist, as far as I know, is afraid of god or hell.

I do not fear any of the various god ideas.

But I would be a fool if I did not fear the people that worship the various god ideas.

Which to me loops me back to the ultimate argument, no people, no god.


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