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Also i feel ashamed that I even gave some benefit of a doubt to Richard Carrier, his claimed discussion is not evn a discussion at all.

He is just showing spinets of replies by Atwill and then replying to them on the site.

Practically he is giving no chance for Atwil to reply in his defense of his particular argument.
I didn't even see one reply by Atwill on Richard Carrier criticism of a particular point.

What an asshole is Richard Carrier, thanks for showing me what christian bias can make people do.

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Richard Carrier is not a

Richard Carrier is not a Christian. He also believes that Jesus didn't exist. There's no bias. And you've got to be ok with reading articles if you're serious about your viewpoint.

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You are right he is not a

You are right he is not a christian and there seems to be no religious bias. I have misread his brief description of himself.
I was wrong on that part.

Still my argument stands. His article is mostly a genetic fallacy aimed at discrediting the author and not the argument.
I don't know what bias he has in this matter but he is biased by something to be so aggressive against Atwill that he has to lie on the evidence to make his point.

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Though I have to thank you,

Though I have to thank you, because thanks to this 'worst possible historian'(even I know more then him), I have learned that I was Vespasian choice not to rebuild the Jewish temple of GOD
Always wondered why they didn't rebuild it.
The funny part was that, I learned it from replies to his stupid genetic fallacy.

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Ha. Glad I could help ;)

Ha. Glad I could help ;)
I don't think we're going to agree on this but thanks for the conversation. It's something I wasn't aware of before. I've clicked on that link so I can have a proper read through of it when I have a good amount of time later.

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An other thing to note is

An other thing to note is that a historian is not the right person to analyse literature.
A literary annalist is the man for the job.

So practically it is like a mechanic trying to do the work of a doctor.
They both repair, but not the same thing.

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Analysing literature is

Analysing literature is exactly what historians do. It's like a mechanic changing brake pads.

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literary annalist analyses if

literary annalist analyses if there is any history to a piece of literature, then the historian joins the dots with the rest of history

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Also note that the only

Also note that the only reason why the Jewish text was hidden in a cave is that the Romans were burning them down after they realized that they were fueling the war against Rome.

This happened after the Revolt in Jerusalem, since it showed them that even after a crushing defeat in Jerusalem the Jews still wanted war against Rome.(the Romans realized that their usual way of subduing their subjects was ineffective against the Jews)

Which means that those text were buried after 70 AD(after the war) during the efforts of the Romans to subdue the Jewish zealots religion so they don't revolt again in such huge numbers.

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"The war started around 30 AD

"The war started around 30 AD...and ended around 130 AD...100 year war..."

I don't think so. There were actually three shorter wars, not one that lasted 100 years. The first Jewish / Roman revolt (war) was 66 - 73 CE, the second was 115 - 117 CE, and the third was 132 - 135 CE.

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I know, but the skirmishes

I know, but the skirmishes and hindering roman finances were those dates.

Yes there were 3 wars, but those dates are just for the times when the Jews revolted in mass and captured cities.
Thus titled wars.

The reality is that It was a war zone around that period.

Just like Libya is today , they are not really doing big wars to be labeled in history(like ancient history wars), they are doing skirmishes and fighting between themselves.
Same was Judea in those times, a war zone of constant small skirmishes and attacks until it escalated in a full scale war in 66 AD

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Ofc he hasnt his ones the

Ofc he hasnt his ones the right one because he believes it.
Its funny to realise christians consider every other religion either wrong of made up. Hell even just among christians denominations each denomination considers the rest as false religions.
It gets funnier when you consider every religion feels the same about christianity.
Basically every religion claims its the only true religion infact the only thing they all agree on is atheists are evil.


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