Thoughts on this youtube video??

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Thoughts on this youtube video??

I agree with the video that the battle between atheism and religion is a false war. And that most deconstructions attacking religion remove the cray cray but not the whole thing

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If you think calling a spade

If you think calling a spade a spade is something someone should feel guilty for, well I just don't know what to say to that.

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That video has made my day.

Thank you. That video has made my day.
It's heartening for me to see people, who I see as so young, explore the actual complexity of the subject.
Subscribing to an extreme position does nothing except create more extremists. It limits the thought process to narrow parameters. It occurs to me that if we, as humanity, are at war with anything it is extremism.

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I disagree with practically

I disagree with practically all the points of the video.

First of all he confuses atheism with anti-theism.
Lack of belief is different then to be against theist claims.
Most atheists are also anti-theists true, but most anti-theists are mostly passive and mostly keep their opinion to themselves.

The the argument goes to hell from there.

But even worse was when every single reply he showed was flawed thinking.

First video
It is not just about time and money, it is about people believing that something is good as long as god says it is good.
This is the flawed concept that leads to terrorism and other evil things since it allows people to be manipulated.
It distorts reality for the individual and makes them insane.

His comment about the "whole of the product" ignored the money invested in churches and funding religious charity, that could easily go to help the economy or the poor.(religious charity gives help with a bread in one hand and the book in the other+ they rarely leave a trace of where the money is actually going)

Second video:
There is no evidence that he lived and even worse that he actually rose from the dead, but there is evidence of the contrary, that it did not happen, that is was all made up.
There is no argument that would convince someone that refuses to use reason, the guy in the video seem quite fond of knowledge so he could be brought to reason, but there is no hope for the people who just see reason and knowledge as the agents of the devil.
The commentator does not even acknowledge that there are different types of theists and that it does not matter much what arguments and how much time it takes, if the person truly is looking for the truth, he will be brought to reason even with a single word.

Third video:
The guy in the video confuses spirituality with religion, common mistake since religion made a monopoly on it. anti-theistic arguments are against theistic claims not even all religious claims.
Though spirituality and religion are two different things and getting rid of religions won't removes spirituality at all.
So his argument is flawed right there with that false assumption.

The commentator is just an idiot, there is no "1 will win and 1 will lose", religion has not even presented a non contradictory case for that to happen.
It is all about waiting until the truth comes to light on it's own, that the theistic god is not even possible to exist since it contradicts logic.
The fight is between getting people to understand reality before more innocent people die or are harmed before that happens.
It is only a matter of reducing that time.

Here the commentator makes the fallacy called "Argument from Consequences"
(Arguing from consequences is speaking for or against the truth of a statement by appealing to the consequences of accepting or rejecting it.)
If the theists care about the truth then they should seek it, not change their religion to conform to today's moral standards.
Even if they do that, it does not change the fact that the theistic totalitarian belief system is evil in nature, and no amount of reformation is going to change that.

But the most ridiculous and intelligence insulting was about the slavery comment.
Giving slaves religion is proven to be one of the main factors that kept slaves from revolting and gaining their rights sooner in history.

The guy commenting is an idiot that does not understand what "GIVE THE OTHER CHEEK" mean.

"Don't try to tier down a family belief system"
Yes, if the belief system says to behead the wife if she does not obey, yes tear it down.
If the belief system says to brainwash children with evil concepts, yes hurry to tier it down as soon as possible.

The idea that religion is immune to criticism is one of the most flawed concepts this commentator has.

Patronizing is an excuse he claims when he knows that he is wrong on something.
You are not patronizing when you critique a concept.
Not admitting that theism effects society as a whole is also the flawed assumption he makes.

Understanding the reality you are in, gives you better chances of survival or healing then the false hope(lie) theism gives.

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.............. I'd respond,

.............. I'd respond, but responding to lengthy posts have become a monumental task for me. apologies

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I apologize for the length

I apologize for the length but that just shows how many main flaws that video had.

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I find the logic of a church

I find the logic of a church down the road full of people that believe the way you do being a comfort very well founded, though I disagree with some of the overall statements he makes, like we are predominantly bible-belt college students with internet access. I used to think very much like Jeff does, that we need to free our world from religious trash, but I think it may be an anger management issue. My therapist has assigned me with a specific exercise every-time I get angry to try and determine my triggers.

I began by arguing with my aunt (Christian) who has a very personal view of religion telling me that I hadn't accepted Jesus into my heart, like he showed up one day and I just said "Hell NO!" and slammed the door in his face or something. I gave her my ideas and opinions and told her that my logical mind can't read from the bible and keep a straight face. She piles everything on Jesus' shoulders and walks away, (which for a logical mind like mine just permeates frustration) so I went looking for somebody that might pose a debate for my position on religion, and wound up here.

I have come to realize that there isn't a debate for my position, much like there isn't a debate for the position of the priest down the road, preparing his sermon for next week. There is only opinion. We atheists have a tendency to try to justify our opinions with science, but in the end, not one of us actually has the answer. Atheism isn't a decision though, atheism is what happens when a logical mind realizes that it is (or humans are) probably not the most important thing in the universe and accepts that us humans can't explain why/how we are. But that's my opinion, I just admit that I know less than the Christian that has all the answers and I'm quite proud of that ability.

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Indeed, this video shows that

Indeed, this video shows that the fight between atheism and religion is a false war. You can view jesus christ vector and make sure of the authenticity of the religion. The main thing here is to believe and read a book of books

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