Top 20 Evil Bible Stories

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Top 20 Evil Bible Stories

I'm back after another work week...

Don't know if y'all have seen this one I found while browsing last night...

Top 20 Evil Bible Stories

Read the comments at the bottom...


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Funny.... I don't recall ever

Funny.... I don't recall ever being taught many of those things in Sunday school while I enjoyed my cookies and Kool-Aid. Of course, Noah's ark was always popular, but it was usually more about who could do a better job of coloring the big boat with all the cute animals on it to win the art contest.

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There are some good stories

There are some good stories about torture and cutting off various body parts. There's a cool one where a guy rips out his own guts.

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@Dio Re: "There's a cool

@Dio Re: "There's a cool one where a guy rips out his own guts."

Wish they had told us those stories when I was a kid. Would have made Sunday school more interesting, at least. Honestly, after hearing several times about some little guy climbing a tree to see Jesus, and about some dude who lived inside a whale for several days, that shit tends to get boring.

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"Wish they had told us those stories when I was a kid."

The Protestants deleted all of the best books from the Bible.

2 Maccabees 14:37-46 (CEB)

"37 A Jerusalem elder named Razis was denounced to Nicanor as someone who loved the citizens, was well spoken of, and was called “Father of the Jews” because of his kindness. 38 Early on in the revolt, he had been put on trial for Judaism and risked body and soul for its cause. 39 Wanting to make public the hatred he had toward the Jews, Nicanor sent a group of more than five hundred soldiers to take him, 40 because he thought that by arresting him, he would create a problem for the Jewish people. 41 When the mob was about to take the tower, forcing open the door of the courtyard, they commanded that the door be set on fire. Razis was surrounded on every side, so he fell on his own sword. 42 He wanted to die bravely rather than fall into the hands of sinners and suffer outrages unworthy of his own high birth. 43 But the blow didn’t strike its mark because of the haste of the struggle and the surge of the mob through the doors. Running with honor out onto the wall, he courageously threw himself down into the mob. 44 When they suddenly drew back, a space opened up, and he landed in the middle of it. 45 While still breathing and burning with anger, he rose up, ignoring the gushing blood and the terrible injuries, and made his way through the crowd to stand on a pile of rubble. 46 Entirely drained of blood, he tore out his intestines, took them in both hands, and threw them at the mob. As he did this, he called out to the one with authority over life and spirit to return his insides to him, and in this manner he died."

So when they have you surrounded give them the finger.

That's an interesting story when you compare it to Yeshua asking the question in Matthew 27:46 (CEV) = "46 Then about that time Jesus shouted, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” which means, “My God, my God, why have you deserted me?”

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@Dio Re: "So when they have

@Dio Re: "So when they have you surrounded give them the finger."

Yeah, never heard that one in vacation bible school. Personally, though, I made a vow to myself long ago that if I were to ever find myself in that situation, I will do my best to take as many of them as I can with me. I refuse to go down without a fight.

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How is the story of Adam and

How is the story of Adam and Eve, "Original Sin," not the most evil story ever told?

You are born into this world defective because a man made of dirt and a rib woman ate a forbidden fruit. You must now atone for their sins by suffering for an eternity in hell or kowtowing to a magical deity for all eternity. And! If you are a woman it is all your fault. That's why you are so unclean!

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"How is the story of Adam and Eve, "Original Sin," not the most evil story ever told?"

Technically the Adam & Eve story only applies to the Israelites/Hebrews/Jews and to no other ethnic group. The characters in the biblical stories are Yeshua's ancestors.

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I dunno, Dio. Original sin is

I dunno, Dio. Original sin is the foundation Christianity is built on. No original sin, no need for a Christ to atone for and redeem us from it. I'm with Cog on this one.

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"Original sin is the foundation Christianity is built on. No original sin, no need for a Christ to atone for and redeem us from it."

The Bible shit canned that idea. Each person is now only responsible for his own sins and not those of other people. Even Yeshua, when he gave the criteria for being perfect, didn't link it to "original sin".

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Not if you were raised

Not if you were raised Catholic, Dio. From a Catholic point of view, there'd have been no reason for Christ if it wasn't for original sin. Baptism removes original sin - but we're all still born with it.

" The Nature of Original Sin

Original sin is not a committed sin, but rather a contracted sin. Unlike all other sins, which are acts of one’s own personal sin, it is a state of the soul, representing the fallen nature that was handed on to us by Adam who fell into death upon committing the original sin. It represents the fallen state of humanity in which we find ourselves devoid of the original grace and holiness with which humanity was created, (Genesis 1:31).

Sin not only has personal consequences on one’s own soul, but collective consequences that damage all souls. The Original Sin forever changed humanity by allowing sin to enter the world. Sin is rooted in our preference for ourselves over God. Through the Original Sin humanity took on a fallen nature, one that is incomplete without Jesus’ saving work on the cross."

Christ’s Redemption and Original Sin

The sin of Adam is linked directly to Christ’s redemption; through one man, Adam, sin entered the world, and through one man, Jesus, humanity is restored, (Romans 5:12-21). Jesus is the perfect sacrifice that atones for all of our sins. Jesus, in his complete humanity and complete divinity, is the only sacrifice that could make up for a fallen human nature.

God’s first covenant with humanity, through Adam, was broken through the original sin. God has created a new covenant in Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice. Jesus has given us a way to enter into this new covenant, through baptism. Baptism removes original sin and any personal sin, and cleanses the soul making it new and fresh. It makes one a new creature in Christ. God invites into this covenant with him freely and it is up to us to choose to enter into it and uphold our end of the bargain."

I was raised a Catholic. That's why I hate the original sin story so much. It's filthy doctrine. It claims we're all born fatally flawed- literally. There is no such thing as an innocent baby in Catholicism. You'd be astounded how many Catholics don't know this. They have no bloody idea they're saying amen to this shit every time they go to mass. They don't know why baptism is considered so important. My baby sister died before she could be baptised and it broke my Catholic father in half: he believed she was in Limbo for eternity. She would never go to Heaven, because she died in a state of original sin.

On second thoughts, no. No, you wouldn't. You wouldn't be astounded at all.

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It is a good list, but omits

It is a good list, but omits the eternal torture of most of humanity.

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The whole fucking bible old

The whole fucking bible old and new testament. The worst story is, of course, the resurrection. This ADDED story is the basis and the only reason for christianity in the first place. If it was never made up we wouldn't be dealing with the most destructive and insidious invention by mankind!

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Why would you say that the

Why would you say that the resurrection is an added story?

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@ Missionary girl

@ Missionary girl

The only stories that mention the 'resurrection' were edited, re edited right up util the 7th Century and even later. They were only first written down some 150 years after the alleged events.

Even the person who may have written 6 of the Epistles does not mention it.

There is no proof of any of those passover events at all by any independent contemporary witness. No amount of apologetics can change that situation.

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"The worst story is, of course, the resurrection. This ADDED story is the basis and the only reason for christianity in the first place."

The idea of physical resurrection is also one of the foundations of Islam. Religions that promise resurrection and eternal life are extremely popular with people. Such religions will gain converts on those things alone.

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