Tracie, Jen, and John Iacoletti leave behind the ACA and the show.

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Tracie, Jen, and John Iacoletti leave behind the ACA and the show.

Tracie Harris, Jen Peeples and John Iacoletti announced their leave of the ACA and The Atheist Experience internet-based show. Unless this is some kind of belated April's fool's joke, this is disappointing news. Tracie has always been one of my favorite hosts on the show, Matt Dillahunty often recognizes her contribution across episodes. Did TAE just lose their only female hosts? I realize they have Jenna Belk scheduled for the next episode, but I don't believe she's a regular host. She's a guest. Of course, the whole Rationality Rules fiasco is another topic. I've heard Steve McRae say that ACA is a force against free thought, but I believe he may have been quoting someone else, I don't want to hold him to that. I'd like to hear thoughts from denizens, newcomers, anyone interested in any of these topics.



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Well, that's a bugger.

Well, that's a bugger.

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Son of a..... Well, that just

Son of a..... Well, that just plain sucks ass. A tad bit worrisome, too, I might add.

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Oil can?
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Well I truly hope it's not

Well I truly hope it's not over the Rationality Rules issue, as it would be sad to see atheists not being able to put things behind them and simply moving on.

It could well be the show itself though...

I haven't watched The Athiest Experience in a very long as it is very repetitive, in that it's similar callers phoning in, stating they can prove 'God' or some garbage and failing to do so.

The morality question, logical argument, appeals to authority and all manner of other fallacious bollocks... that is the theistic arguement, everytime like clockwork.

And it's boring.

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I am a regular viewer of the

I am a regular viewer of the show.

Somebody on youtube likened atheist shows to kicking a dead dog. Perhaps Tracie and Jen are now tired of hearing and rebutting the same well worn arguments. In addition to that - very few theists are actually calling the show - and those who do call - are often repeat callers - lke Saad for example. Most callers are atheists and frankly it is starting to get a bit boring. I often find myself looking at shows that aired 10 years ago.

The RR issue has damaged them. They should really stick to their issue and not try to be a force for other issues.

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The fact that they are

The fact that they are leaving together smacks of some internal issue.

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The "Rationality Rules"

The "Rationality Rules" fiasco was probably just a symptom of a greater malady. There was no justifiable reason that comments a guest host had made regarding transgender issues should have provoked some kind of partisan response from the ACA.

If you're truly an atheist community at heart, and someone is an atheist, is there any good reason to turn them away under that umbrella? The only possible reason the RR thing occurred is because the ACA started not taking itself literally enough and had become something other than a community of atheists.

And while the specific RR situation may have been able to be "gotten over," if there are larger problems developing because the ACA sees itself as some force for "good," and sees its own views as "the best there can be," then that's the kind of thing you don't just "get over." It needs fixing, or you leave.

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@AM Re: "The "Rationality

@AM Re: "The "Rationality Rules" fiasco was probably just a symptom of a greater malady..." (And all that followed.)

By golly, AM, that is probably the best explanation I have heard so far. Kudos.

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I have only recently started

I have only recently started watching the show and Tracie has been one of my favourites so far (even when I disagree with her), shame she is leaving. I was hoping she'd be on the atheist experience sometime soon, and if she was, I would phone in. :P


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Was I was going to write,

Was I was going to write,

does anyone know if Tracie is going to do any other YouTube thing in the future? Does she have a personal blog? ty

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Doesn't seem like it. Tracie

Doesn't seem like it. Tracie left the ACA, so that means no more Godless Bitches podcast as well. Tracie has expressed that she doesn't like debating, and that she'd rather have her Sundays back to tend her garden. She described her participation to Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist as being a soldier who doesn't like war, but feels the effort is necessary. Maybe she just couldn't take the heat, so she's tending the garden today.

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Sad to hear that Tracie, Jen,

Sad to hear that Tracie, Jen, and John Iacoletti left ACA because they are all famous hosts and have been with ACA for many years.

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Tracie, Jen, and John's

Tracie, Jen, and John's departure from the ACA is regrettable for their fans, but I still wonder why they left the place. Are they ?

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Tracie Harris, Jen Peeples,

Tracie Harris, Jen Peeples, and John Iacoletti have announced their departure from the Atheist Community of Austin (ACA) and The Atheist Experience show. While details about the reasons for their departure are not provided, this news has disappointed fans. Tracie Harris, in particular, has been a beloved host on the show, with her contributions recognized by fellow host Matt Dillahunty. And check this out on How to Get Guardianship of a Child in Foster Care: A Step-by-Step Guide.

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The Atheist Experience for

The Atheist Experience for washing microfiber car towels has lost its only female hosts. However, Jenna Belk is scheduled as a guest for an upcoming episode. The departure of these hosts, combined with the recent Rationality Rules controversy, has sparked discussion among those interested in these topics. For the most current and accurate information, it is recommended to refer to official ACA sources and online forums dedicated to atheism.

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It's certainly disheartening

It's certainly disheartening to hear about Tracie Harris, Jen Peeples, and John Iacoletti leaving the ACA and The Atheist Experience show. Tracie has been a standout host, with her contributions acknowledged by Matt Dillahunty himself. It's worth noting that Jenna Belk, while scheduled for an upcoming episode, is a guest, not a regular host. This departure raises questions about representation on the show. 지투지벳

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Wow, great article. I want to

Wow, great article. I want to write like this too - taking the time spanish dictionary and actual effort to create a good article... but I put things off so much and never seem to get started. Thanks though. lol beans

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Their departure is truly a

Their departure is truly a great loss for the program

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