A trip to the genie’s

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A trip to the genie’s

If 1 Over 3 by Robert Peters

A trip to the genie’s

1, pervasive moral need for equality throughout Humankind from here forward.
2, a complete genetic understanding of Humankind, the money, and technology needed to completely pursue command of our genome and “a drive to reduce all suffering” to be solidly used as the new scientific lexicon and become the reason to study.
3, a level of wealth sufficient to pursue my dreams so long as they increase the above 2’s likelihood of making them better. My dreams are to include my children and friends to have an excellent life and the money to enjoy it. Again so long as none of the above is impeded.
4, (Yes 3's always the limit...But) unending and legal sunshine. With this legality, all being persecuted or who’ve been persecuted for it will be expunged and finally, the VA is allowed to dispense marijuana and the knowledge of its positivity on PTSD, depression and many other issues forefront in its use.

Good luck out there

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1) Egality? You won't find

1) Egality? You won't find that in the USA

2) Advancement of science and education? Although many scientific institutes in the USA are truly leading edge, out on the street ignorance and stupidity is still admired.

3) Money? Work harder, get a better job.

4) Legal problems with pot? It sucks to live where you do.

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Three wishes from the genie,

Three wishes from the genie, huh?... *scratching chin*... Hmmmm.... Let's seeeee......

1. A new tractor that never needs maintainence with a loader bucket attachment and an endless supply of fuel.

2. A stereo system pre-programmed with every song I have ever liked.

3. A life-size poster of Cog riding on the handlebars of Old Man's trike.

Yep, that should pretty much do it for me... *nodding head in satisfaction*...

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"3) Money? Work harder, get a better job."

What a quaint notion for an American, the land of the unconscionable minimum wage and grossly exploited illegal immigrants.. I guess that's one of the great lies of the American dream.

When talk moves to democracy, freedom and all that guff in the US, I recommend folks have glance at the Gore Vidal documentary at 'The United Sates Of Amnesia' (produced 2013)


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