"Trolls" on Atheist Republic Facebook Page.

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"Trolls" on Atheist Republic Facebook Page.

Is anyone here subscribed to the Atheist Republic Facebook page? If so, do you have problem with the vast amount of "trolling" being demonstrated on the page? I'm here to testify that it is out of control and needs to be dealt with by Atheist Republic ASAP. There are several posters that post the same "dribble" on every post harrising other posters by posting the same argument over and over refusing to acknowledge refutes and claiming no one has addressed their questioning, no matter how many times someone has actually addressed them. I actually had one girl that told me there is no evidence that a bat is not a bird. After posting a Wikipedia link, to a bat. She says that is not evidence and I should stop evading the question. I also had another guy claiming that I have not addressed his questioning even though the entire room was in agreement that I did. He just kept repeating the question, changing the subject, ignoring refutes, and just annoying the hell out of everyone. Atheist Republic, this a very poor screening job from you. People want to enjoy an intelligent discussion about a topic, not battle trolls.

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The page is meticulously

The page is meticulously moderated. More than most of fb's pages. However I will notify them.In the future address your Iissues to that page for better service.

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have you considered the point

have you considered the point of view that it may not be intentional trolling, but instead joking around among fellow atheists? ive never had a problem with trolling. non atheist related posts are rampant, but AR is a place for atheists to get together and hang out, so theres gonna be a lot of non atheist related posts.

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I'm pretty sure its trolling.

I'm pretty sure its trolling. Several people on the post agree and warn me after taking the bait. One person informed me that a specific person has been doing it for over a year. Repeating themselves, ignoring rebuttles, asking you to quit avoiding questions when you just wrote a paragraph long statement addressing it, calling people stupid for not answering or avoiding, when the entire room agrees you presented an argument. Defiantly trolling.

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i haven't met a theist which

i haven't met a theist which doesn't end up trolling, evading or changing subject yet

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Good point. Its like

Good point. Its like expecting a fish not to swim.

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Chris T. is there something

Chris T. is there something here we can debate in relation to belief in the claim of gods?

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Sure, shoot.

Sure, shoot.

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I follow the page but I don't

I follow the page but I don't usually read all the posts there. It's sad to know that there are trolls spamming there.

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