Trump an Christian. Does it matter

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Trump an Christian. Does it matter

Trump called first Corinthians I believe one Corinthians or something to that effect it really doesn't matter for this post. It is certainly apparent that if Trump is a Christian it is of no great importance to him or as some have surmised that he is actually an atheist. Who cares? Does it matter? Politicians pander to the majority unfortunately for us that is Christians. The largest voting block is what matters. No matter who is elected that is the voters who will be most accommodated. It will be good for us if the next president is unconcerned with religion but it will not have any effect on the outcome of future policy. For now Christians will inevitably win. We have have a long road to travel.

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It only matters if he can't

It only matters if he can't be truthful about his beliefs, at the very least. If a person can't even admit he/she is an atheist or a believer, or is just pandering to whatever the audience of the day wishes to hear...then, there could be a chance he'll lie about other things. That is the only reason I'd care one way or the other.

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You are very right you are

You are very right you are so pretty what did you say?? Please change your picture it's distracting to an old man but non-the less you are right.

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I agree with Kenny for once.

I agree with Kenny for once.

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