Trust and the Theological Problem

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Trust and the Theological Problem

These two have been at odds ever since man developed a sense of pride, and the confidence he charitably placed in his fellow man to entrust it with. Then, men of few scruples abused that trust by introducing the various scams of theology. The historicity, in the general sense, we know.

How do we go from trusting each other to distrusting each other, with the latter grounded in theology, and instead of dispensing with theology as the one real fix we do the opposite and escalate it to the point of bloodshed?

That question mark has a long white beard on a parchment face, with darkly sullen eyes and a scowled mouth exhausted of the logic it once championed.

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We teach critical thinking,

We teach critical thinking, we teach to make conclusions based on evidence rather than trusting others words. Evidence that can be verified for ourselves if the source of evidence honesty is in doubt.

We lean heavily on the scientific method, from theory to generally well accepted, peer reviewed conclusions supported by like conclusions.

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