Turkey is Teaching Students About Evolution for the Last Time

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Turkey is Teaching Students About Evolution for the Last Time

When students in Turkey begin school today, it’ll be the last time they hear the words “evolution” or “Darwin” in the classroom. Next year, those words will be eliminated from all textbooks as a more religious regime takes control of what kids learn in school.


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Embrace retardation with a

Embrace retardation with a mouthful of crayons fellow primates.

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It's said religion has gained

It's said religion has gained that much of a hold in Turkey. I see even darker times for Turkey as religion gains more control.

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@Xenoview: "I see even darker

@Xenoview: "I see even darker times for Turkey"

Indeed. It's sad, because they were starting to achieve stability and attract foreign investment. Now Erdogan has set himself up as dictator, and Turkey is heading for civil/religious war and chaos.

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I was listening a BBC program

I was listening a BBC program last night where someone (I don't know the program or speakers) said that one of the lame reasons given is that evolution is too advanced for high school students. Such a freakin' shame, especially since now Turkey won't be able to be used for last place in evolution acceptance in countries that teach evolution, placing the USA firmly at the bottom.

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I just don't get it, have

I just don't get it, have none of these people who deny evolution ever looked at bacteria, or seen how bacteria can strengthen and thrive?

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This is just sad.

This is just sad.

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Future Turkish Nobel Prize

Future Turkish Nobel Prize winners will have to seek education elsewhere.

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In my younger time I was busy

In my younger time I was busy chasing girls instead of study, and that is the truth. I knew nothing about evolution until when I read books in my own time some 15 plus years later. I asked my daughter about evolution not long ago and she stared blank at me: "What is that?"

It seem some people have over rated this evolution thingy - when in reality it is not even the concern of the masses.

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Funny you should say that,

Funny you should say that, seeing as how any genetic diversion between you and your parents would be evolution in action. Or even the slightest genetic difference between you and the rest of were you live. Or any difference in phenotype frequency between your generation and the one before it.

All of these are evolution in action. And at least one of them is bound to apply to you.

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Turkey has been yessing the

Turkey has been yessing the west (mostly Europe) pretty much of everything for quite sometime even if that is hurting the feeling of the people in the street. But that is changed now since their aspiration to join Europe is scrapped. I couldn't believe when I read that they even taught evolution in the primary school just to please them.

"Evolutionary biology is best left to be taught at the university level," Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz told reporters. "It's a theory that requires a higher philosophical understanding than schoolchildren have."

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I teach high school biology

I teach high school biology here in the U.S, and used to teach it in middle school before moving up. Just about every student I've had has understood evolutionary theory to a decent degree.

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