The UN is a joke

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The UN is a joke

(First of all, excuse my english...)

UN has been shown to be pretty much good for nothing for a while, but they just reached the bottom to me after three events:

-Choosing Saudi Arabia (a country where stoning, hanging, decapitation and even crucifixion are still used) as head of the Human Rights Panel.

-Using the Pope's demagogy (aka "progressive and modern speech") as their own, despite the fact that Francis has been proven contradictory over and over, in regards of themes like abortion, same sex marriage, the role of women on the catholic church, trans people, etc.

-Summoning radical western feminists to adress "online attacks" as a top priority and a "gender issue", while women on the other side of the world face honor killing, forced marriages, forced burkas/hijabs, genital mutilation (all these as product of religion, i might add) etc.

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