"Uncle fuck jesus"

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"Uncle fuck jesus"

So. Tomorrow is the "half day trial run" for my 4.5 yr old Mikey at Catholic pre-k. He's going Catholic cause our schools suck. Sadly a 1st grader just died from flu in my town. (People are praying for her) so, we just just finished dinner, I am on speaker phone with my mom and I tell her that Mikey is going to new school tomorrow. So, o say he is going to make friends with Jesus, ad my kid replies "Uncle jesus?" I am like no, 7 can't say that . Then he proclaims :
"Uncle fuck jesus".
I almost lost my shit. Wife kept it together, told him not to §at that... I hope (and pray) that he does use the Lord's name in vain tomorrow.
(This forum is a Jesus support group, right)
On to the discussion:
What would be your response to my Jesus school 4.5 yr old son's "fuck uncle jesus" proclamation ?

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Just make sure you use a

Just make sure you use a condom. (Gotta teach 'em to be responsible, right?)

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Protect your children! What a

Protect your children! What a terrible world when the best option is Catholic!

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Oh my, expect a lot of phone

Oh my, expect a lot of phone calls from the school. Distraught teachers, distraught parents, you should ask for a reserved parking space in the school parking lot.

I can't wait until Mikey says to a priest "you aren't going to bum f--k me, are you"?

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I have to agree with chimp3,

I have to agree with chimp3, it is a very sad world when a theistic school is the best choice.

I also agree with Tin-Man. Make sure a condom is used...


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Ha! Thanks for the support!

Ha! Thanks for the support! He managed 3 hrs there, came home, no word of jeebus, prayers, or any other shinanigans. we might be ok. my wife called to find out how it went. i told her that they called him a heathen and it wasn't allowed back. i think it will be ok. at least for now. not sure what will happen when he gets a little older and the kids start with the hard core cannibalism fantasy / cult behavior (pretending to eat bodies and drink blood ect.)

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If the other schools in the

If the other schools in the area while lower performing, have something like advance placement classes or the like, even in a poorly performing school, your child can get a solid education within the confines of the AP program.

The high school I graduated from sucked, on almost every metric, but they had AP classes for the students interested in learning, and I ended up well prepared for college, better, I would like to think then I would of gotten for a higher rated, but theist oriented school. You can also take some time during the school year to correct the parts that are wrong in the theist education system.

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thanks Logic- high school

thanks Logic- high school does have a "classical academy'' so we'll look into that when the time comes,
unfortunatly there doesn't seem to be any offerings for that sort of thing for grades k-8. we had a charter school in the area, and the town officials voted to shut it down...

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