The Uncontrolled Refugee Influx is Endangering the Union

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The Uncontrolled Refugee Influx is Endangering the Union

All of you know, or unless you've been living under a rock, that the Refugee Influx has been going on for almost 2 years, many illegal migrants are flushing in countries and there's basically no control of their assimilation. Crime rates have increased, disorder, protests and even ISIS members are having it way too easy to enter.

The EU is weak-bonded, it's being held together only by that thin economic reliance fiber, which is helping keep steps away from countries actually breaking away from the EU due to the idiotic immigration policies that it imposes on the EU members. Hungary, for example, is at a boiling point, the EU is forcing it to do something it doesn't want to, taking in refugees which are harming it's economy.

But that is not the main concern, the main concern is about their Assimilation. For whatever reasons, most of the refugees aren't assimilating to the respective Societies in countries, and I dare say that there are also those who are not affiliated with ISIS but still practice the Shariah Law, denying the current Laws.
There's also lots of comments on both sides, some respecting themselves as Racists for good, rather than live in a country dominated by Islam, others although at small numbers debunking these opinions.
Of course, U.S citizens (from comments that I've seen I'm quite sure they were U.S, glorifying their Orange President of course) are calling Europeans spineless, cowards for not taking up harsher methods of controlling refugees and defending our "race" and "laws" from Refugees who are not assimilating.
Sure, Europeans are making a move, it's that the same media would criticize protests against uncontrolled immigration as "racist" and as "not being the Muslims fault, it's the European that are the problem", but I am quoting here.

Germany, is doing a shit job at it while Merkel is just sitting around idly and fearing being labelled as "racist" if she even makes the slightest Anti-Immigration move.

This is a great tension, people have become too simple-minded and aggressive behavior can spark quickly between the Refugees and Natives when "racist" statements are announced in the Media.

So for myself, I'd say let the refugees in, ban Islamic traditions such as:
Wearing a burka or hijab,
the practice of Shariah Law (which is obviously been banned)
the building of Mosques (I know, Christians get an "Upgrade" here)
and other Islamic Rituals such as Ramadan etc.

- I'm not saying these just because I hate Islam, but the more we remove their Islamic traditions, which are closely related to their Eastern Traditions, the faster we could Assimilate the refugee population and integrate them into the society.

I'm not advocating Xenophobia or Racism here, I'm merely sharing Info, Opinions and possibly a Solution or a very bad Idea. But in the end, I'm looking for your response -
What's your Idea to handle the Refugee Influx that is crippling the EU and Europe as a whole?

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Endri, it's a tough question

Endri, it's a tough question to address. I am concerned about any community that values an unseen mythical character's will over the well being of living beings in the real world. If someone asks me if I want religiously deluded people to move into my society I'd answer "no". Catholics, Southern Baptists, Muslims, assorted evangelical christian sects, Mormons and hindus are examples of populations who will degrade and destroy secular forms of government and intrude into people's lives with iron age ideologies and practices. I don't want ANY of that. "No condoms" you say, well stay the hell out. "Wives should submit to their husbands" you say, well you're not welcome either. "Don't draw the prophet Muhommed"? Stay the hell away from us. That's my position on religion in general.

So what to do about the refugee crises? To me, there are two overarching priorities. First, we help people that are in trouble or suffering. Second, we honestly address the reality of the situation, which is that messianic religion causes dangerous beliefs and behaviors that civil society doesn't want. Honesty about the dangers we're concerned about, help for those in need, and education for people to free themselves from ignorance and superstitious beliefs are my immediate recommendations.

The economics does not factor into my priorities. Economics and fear of political turmoil was why we kept Jewish people out when Naziism was rampant, and look how that turned out.

We are a highly interconnected world. We will all be better off if we concern ourselves with each other's well being and speak honestly with each other. I want to help refugees and speak honestly while doing it.

PS: American christianity is more dangerous to the world than Islam at this particular moment. ISIS is not as dangerous as evangelical christians' interest in nuclear combat. Our problem isn't with Islam as much as it is with religion, and most of all with Abrahamic religion.

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Honesty about the dangers we

Honesty about the dangers we're concerned about, help for those in need, and education for people to free themselves from ignorance and superstitious beliefs are my immediate recommendations. - But it's FUNDAMENTALISM Truett, do you understand what FUNDAMENTALISM MEANS?
Islam is known for it's absolute control of it's followers, and there is no denying that if you were a Muslim there is a highly lower chance that you would become an Atheist if you were a Christian. Education isn't part of it, EDUCATION didn't bring me here! Being informed is what brings me here, how do you expect other children to take internet into their hands and learn from the World, they're Kids and their mind doesn't work in anyway as mine does, I can prove it, I have my classmates, my entire School, that are completely oblivious to the outside world!

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I understand your concern,

I understand your concern, and it's a big concern. I doubt I'll be able to successfully address that concern, but here is my view: Fundamentalists are frequently people who have considered their texts or at least considered what they've been taught and have gone on to apply that teaching to their own lives. Fundamentalists are the ones who take their religion seriously, and that's frequently because they're trying to genuinely please their god and do what they believe is "good". A fundamentalist Mormon will lovingly teach his daughters to be submissive and that they must never preach and should honor their future husbands and overlook problems like spousal abuse. Those Mormons are acting wickedly, but they have integrity of a sort in that they are honestly trying to live the life they think is godly and right.

While I'm sure there are psychopaths in the ranks of Muslim fundamentalists, I think a great many (including suicide bombers) are following what they believe Allah wants them to do. That means they are really trying to be good people.

You're right that most will probably never break out of their delusion, and anyone who supports death for apostasy, oppression of women, and aggression towards "people of the book" and all who do not share their particular brand of delusion is a danger. I don't want them around. But I also want to help people in danger, so there is real tension between our self-preservation instincts and our compassion for others. I'm trying to find the right balance, and I don't know that I have. Maybe there's a better way to help them, and if so then I'll support it. But those refugees definitely need help.

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PS: I think that when

PS: I think that when fundamentalists realize they were incorrect about their religion, they become their religion's most effective, aggressive opponents. Maajid Nawaz was a radical Islamist terrorist who suddenly realized he'd been mistaken about the whole thing. He is one of the most effective people on the planet today speaking about Islam and the desperate need for reform. I was fundamentalist, and when I realized that I was wrong I went full commando against Christianity. I want more Maajids and fewer Osamas, so help and education and candid dialogue are my preferred options for now.


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This refugee problem is so

This refugee problem is so complicated because we don't actually stand in each others shoes. Ill give any human a kind welcome until I see something awful or hurtful then fuck them. I can see how Europe would be better off if America accepted more refugees. Over population of different cultures is not an easy situation. Nike is said to be making a sports Hijab and I want one. I'm not Muslim but when I'm driving I like to blast the music with windows down and my hair whips my face. From what I know of the Hijab is its a modesty thing. Having their hair exposed is like being naked in some ways to them. Also Underneath their burkas, kinda want one of those too, the woman dress up beautiful. makeup and hair done so as when they as woman are together burkas are off and they like many woman brunches spend time together.

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It's not modesty, it's

It's not modesty, it's submission, it's a sugar-coated word.

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