The Universe has no conscience

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The Universe has no conscience

When I was in college, a friend and I were listening to an acquaintance telling us about an event involving some college males and females. After the story was told, my friend made a comment that has stuck with me for all these years. " A stiff dick has no conscience." I apologize for the crudeness. But the point was so lucidly made by that crude statement. I have never heard that statement repeated in all these years.

I apply that same concept to the Universe.

I was debating atheism with someone and when they felt challenged they would often say, "But you don't know how all this came to be either." True. There is lots of evidence that makes a strong case for possible explanations but no one can prove beyond a reasonable doubt all that is needed to explain the origins of the Universe. However, I replied, "Just because mankind has no explanation for an unknown does not justify the creation of Gods and wizards, and magic and miracles to explain what mankind cannot."

There is no dumbeddown male gender wizard sitting on a throne. That is all conceived because of the limitations of mankind's knowledge. There is no Devine Universal system of morality and justice. The Universe doesn't care if the entire planet earth disappeared. The Universe doesn't care if the lion eats the Impala. The Universe doesn't care that young children starve. The Universe doesn't care if species are wiped out by disease. The Universe has no conscience.

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Agreed, probably one of the

Agreed, probably one of the biggest hints, (beyond the total lack of real world evidence,) of just about all the god ideas being just human created fantasies is: just how anthropomorphized the god ideas are.

Its hilarious if it wasnt so scary that so many people can not figure this out. They define their god idea as this almighty and all knowing, yet it has a bunch of human traits like jealousy, anger, need to be followed etc? That if it wants to do this weird reproduce thing (jesus) it picks a female human to bring its... I dunno child? into the world only to watch it get killed by the same beings it demands to worship it and follow its rules else it will kill just about all of them all like this "god" idea has supposedly has before in its human written descriptions of said god?

How is this shit is not utterly ridiculous sounding in the mind of theist, continues to amaze me. Even when there are places like this that are happy to point out the obvious hilarity of the idea?

There is just so many obviously blatantly unreasonable and illogical about the god idea. And lest we forget this is on top of the fact this all "powerful" and "omniscient" god idea expects us to "believe in it" with zero actual evidence.

If such a crazy god idea did actually exist, it is laughing at humans, the humans being the cruel object of the joke. Laughing while people murder each other over small discrepancies of the super vague god idea that has never left behind anything to separate it from any other imaginative but unevidenced ideas of humans.

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Creationist preach that a being capable of creating the Universe needs us to love him (it)??? Even the concept that the creator has gender is illogical. A creator does not have a rational need to reproduce.

It is all absurd. It is shameful and pitiful to "dumbdown" the "Creator" as religion doctrines all do. The fact that every God to my knowledge is humanized is the best evidence there is that God did not create man, but man created God.

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@Bright Raven.

@Bright Raven.

Just so, what with not being sentient and all.

Periodically, a piece of woo floats to the top of the septic tank , as big bits tend to do. The claim is is that the universe will give you anything you want. Behind it is the bogus "Law of Attraction" .

In the last incarnation I saw it was called "The Secret". It was featured on Oprah's Book Club, which gave it the stamp of approval as being suitable for shallow , ignorant bourgeois housewives. This meant it automatically sold several million copies, naturally.

There is a simple minded philosophical idea behind it, but the dominating value is narcissism , imo. That's why Oprah found it so appealing. (meow)

It travels the same road as the old saying "The whole world is crazy except thee and me ,and lately I've been having my doubts about thee:"

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...whoaaaahhh... don’t pop my

...whoaaaahhh... don’t pop my bubble.... you saying the Secret doesn’t work?!?!? I guess I’ll have to burn my bank statement that I added a few zeros to and hung on my fridge. And I resent the narcissistic, shallow, housewives comment - Oprah’s appealing Godlike status also appeals to narcissistic, shallow, working women- - -

Now I have some bread to bake and dishes to wash ...

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I appreciate you taking the

I appreciate you taking the time to share your thought-provoking perspective and the personal experience you mentioned. It's intriguing how your friend's candid statement had such a profound impact on your understanding of certain situations.

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I value the time you took to

I value the time you took to explain your interesting viewpoint and the relevant experience you referenced. It's fascinating how your friend's frank remark altered your perspective on various matters.

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It acknowledges the vast gaps

It acknowledges the vast gaps in our knowledge and the mysteries that remain, but it argues against inserting supernatural explanations to fill those gaps.

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In upcoming research,

In upcoming research, scientists will attempt to show the universe has consciousness. word search

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Are these not natural https:/

Are these not natural arguments?

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