Us Guys Get No Breaks

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Us Guys Get No Breaks

Another brain fart...

If a man is alone in the forest, and there is no woman there to hear him... Is he still wrong?


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Now you're just baiting us

Now you're just baiting us girls, aren't you?

And OF COURSE you're still wrong! Wot the hell are you doing in the forest alone in the first place? Did you tell someone where you were going? No! Did you say what time you'd be back? No! Will anyone know you even need looking for? HELL NO!

*Shakes head and looks cross, but not surprised *

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Are you in the forest to try

Are you in the forest to try and prove manliness? Lumberjacking? Fighting off bears? Being a tough guy?

I bet when you get hungry enough you’ll come back out with your tail between your legs begging for an eclair.

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*whispering gesture*

*whispering gesture*
sush...he's pretending to be adam...shhmm..

this is the time where god just left him alone in the forest..god's kinda enjoying him being naked though..(if you know what i mean)

then one day arakish found a goat....(now adam is desperate)...hahahahah...

ADAM: well..hello baby
GOAT: bbhheeeeehheeheh


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Thanks Sushisnake and CyberLN

Thanks Sushisnake and CyberLN. I have been combing through all my DVD data backups and came across that in a text file I wrote almost 30 years ago while my wife was still alive. Thus, as I said, "Another brain fart..."

Yes, even my wife said the same thing, except I think she worded it, "What do you think?"


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Only if he thinks doing

Only if he thinks doing whatever the fk he likes is boring.

Look at the positive. Even on a bad week he will not need any bail money or have to hide any bodies.

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