A useful way to quantify beliefs:

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A useful way to quantify beliefs:


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Hi there, first post here? I have not been following the boards as much lately and missed it if you posted here before.

I read through your post 2 times. I got a little lost. What do you mean by continuation and discontinuation. As in relation to belief?

You mentioned in layman's terms this is what happens when we die. So are we talking about continuation of our lives and discontinuation being the end of it? This further confuses me. Are we talking about what happens in the afterlife (eithir there is one or there is not?)

Few disclaimers I want to throw in:
To me anyways, atheist is simply not theist. It does not need 4 different options just:a binary true/false.

I am an atheist because:
1. Humans are capable of creating fiction/lies.
2. Point number 1 necessitates real, hard, testable, repeatable, evidence is necessary to ascertain the veracity of any claim made by humans to ascertain it is not a fiction/lie.

Religion/god is probably the best single example I can ever possibly think of where there is an absolute lack of evidence for the claim, despite millions (billions?) of people and thousands of years of trying.



I am an atheist that always likes a good debate
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Continuation is continuation.


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KelseyR - Continuation is

KelseyR - Continuation is continuation. The term is purposefully kept vague because it could have causation in either nature or magic and would thus be subject to differences.

I was pretty sure what you had posted was word salad. Now it seems it is word salad by design.

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You agree the illogical named


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KelseyR - By having four

KelseyR - By having four belief classes and rating a factor in causation twice as extraordinary as one in effect we can create rankings within burden of proof:...

Could you give an example of something that is "twice as extraordinary" as something else?

Can you include how you know it is "twice as extraordinary" and not perhaps three times as extraordinary?

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Causation always precedes an


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Causation always precedes an

Causation always precedes an effect, so it should automatically be rated higher"
HUH? Now beliefs are higher and lower?

Do you know how to move from the obtuse and abstract to the specific and concrete? Your language is vague and incomprehensible.

A belief is not a belief unless it falls into one of these categories? Got any citations? Where are you getting this stuff from. It might be useful to have an original source.

You are making a lot of assertions and backing nothing up with facts or evidence.

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Are there any honest humans

Are there any honest humans with functioning brains on this site?


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@ KelseyR

@ KelseyR

Stagnation is born in the gap where choice has been excluded. Without grace, one cannot live. You must take a stand against ego.

Does that qualify?

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You are not beginning the right way here, i've read a few of your posts and you're categorizing this site are worthless and its users as dumb.

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Are there any patient posters

Are there any patient posters out there who understand given the dimensions of the physical earth a lot of AR regulars didn't get a chance to contribute before the OP threw his hissy fit and took his dolls home?
Invited, ignored, insulted and isolated all in a few hours and I never got to ask a bloody question. It has been a long day and it's only lunchtime. Great interaction Kel.
Best you find that website where everyone absolutely and immediately agrees with you and how you all are so smart together...oh sorry..I meant to type... fuck off Kell.

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I have my favorite theory and

I have my favorite theory and if you do not agree with me, you don't have a functioning brain fallacy. Hmmm.... Kinda obvious don't you think?

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Haha... well, from what I can

Haha... well, from what I can gather, this must have been a right turd probably not even worth the time it took "KelseyR" to write up all those butt-hurt "EXPLANATION/REPLY/HALFWITTEDNESS REMOVED" edits.

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