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No not victory but veterans day
In the US this holiday came about to start with an annual parade of Civil War survivors. After the Armistice, the USA joined the victors of WW I to celebrate the end of that war and the Civil War celebrations went away. After WW II the USA decided to expand the Armistice celebration to include remembering those in fought in WW II so Armistice Day became Veterans Day.
This day is to show respect for all those who have served, not just the heroes or the dead, but all. This holiday is more for the civilian population than for anyone else. As a Veteran, I can tell you that I don't know how to react when someone says "thank you for your service". It's kinda like when someone says "sorry for your loss". When people say to me "thank you for your service" I just say thank you but think "I got paid for my service".
I know many policemen like to horn in on the holiday thinking that it is about them as well. I guess that is alright. I'm sure there is enough room to include anyone that serves the community.
Some people think it is for the danger or risk that people take, well, an overnight convenience store runs about or even more risk on a daily basis than just about anybody.
So here are thanks to ALL for their service and yes, you old disgruntled curmudgeon Pitar, thank you as well.

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