Veterans Day

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Veterans Day

It's Veterans Day here in the U.S.

Taking a moment to thank all of you who are vets.

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It's Armistice Day here in

It's Armistice Day here in France, and a public holiday. It's taken very seriously too.

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It used to be Armistice Day

It used to be Armistice Day for us as well.

And thank you, Cyber. Though I don't usually feel that much of what we've done deserves praise. Not lately, anyway.

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Can't blame the troops for

Can't blame the troops for bad decisions by the desk-riding, pen-wielding, commanders in DC. Even if I don't like and don't agree with certain military decisions made by my government, the poor bastards on the ground don't have a heck of a lot of choice, they signed a contract and can suffer real penalties for not upholding it.

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Thanks for that. Truer words

Thanks for that. Truer words are rarely written.

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No problem, I find pride in

No problem, I find pride in the fact that some few of our citizens decide to give up rights and safety to protect the rest of us and our democratic values, I just wish our elected officials felt the same way.

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