Marissa Torres Langseth: Freethinking groups can achieve a common goal

World Getting Better or Worse

We, as individuals and as members of progressive freethinking groups, can work together to achieve a common goal: To see a world free from discrimination; a world that respects individuality and free expression, a world that encourages people to care and look out for one another.

- Marissa Torres Langseth

Quote Source: International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation

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I agree we can do all that

I agree we can do all that and so much more but as things are now our ideologies and nationalities create artificial artificial borders some we have even fortified with real world fences and wars.

Using progressive free thought we if we could get people to put aside the artificial controls we have made to serve the few over the many could transcend these boarders walls and fences transcend much more than that, we could transcend real world barriers that hold us back in a plethora of ways with little individual effort if we could only learn to put aside what makes us different and learn to work together on our commonalities .

If we all worked together to look out for and care for one another we would all be looked out for and cared for better than trying to do so for ourselves.

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