Victoria Enacts Conservative Assisted Dying Laws Today

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Victoria Enacts Conservative Assisted Dying Laws Today

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Good for the people of

Good for the people of Victoria!

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I agree, well done to them

I agree, well done to them for attempting to relieve unrelenting suffering of people who are terminally ill. Its barbaric to keep people alive and suffering with no hope of relief for recovery. We treat other animals far better.

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At last, a progressive

At last, a progressive initiative in what is becoming a country dominated by the rabid right wing.

I am surprised by conservative opposition, just think, neo cons, all the money you could save on pensions! Oh, but then your privatised "for profit' medical and aged care scams would collapse...point taken. .


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EXCELLENT! I may have to

EXCELLENT! I may have to move there. I am old enough to begin getting my affairs in order. I plan on retiring in the Philippines. CATHOLIC NATION. To be honest, when it is time to go, my plan is to take things into my own hands. (No I am not suicidal. But I will end my own life.) I base my decision on years of working in Geriatric hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice. The business of death and dying is so incredibly horrific in the USA as to be completely inhuman. I have watched people beg for death for years. I have seen intelligent people rot away from brain cancer, gangrene, diabetic complications, senility, and more.

I took care of a young man who paralyzed himself by ramming his head into a goal post after a touchdown in a High School game and listened to him beg for death for 3 years. He began refusing to eat and the fucking doctors force fed him through tubes. Eventually he caught pneumonia, probably from food in his lungs, and died.

I cared for a man who was eaten away by gangrene. They removed his toes, then fingers, feet to the knees, one arm and then half of the other, the rest of one leg, his testicles, and he finally died as a torso. He begged for death for 3 years.

I can recount many more examples and I can get into graphics that will make you want to vomit. Hospital administration wants a body in a bed. That is their money. They will keep the body in the bed for as long as they can. They will ignore "do not resuscitate" tags and attempt to resuscitate patients when there is no waiting list for a bed. As soon as the insurance company stops paying for services, the patient is shipped off to the county hospital or "ALLOWED TO DIE." It is literally insane what goes on in geriatric hospitals while the administration chases the dollar.

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Great news, laws should be

Great news, laws should be dicted by those elected by the populous, thereby following their will.

Not by twats in dog collars.

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