Wait.....What? (2)

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Wait.....What? (2)

So I walk outside on this lovely Tuesday morning (at least it's lovely were I live) and as I go to get into my car I notice a parking ticket on my windshield. I look at it and it says I have a fine for 300 dollars "for displaying an inappropriate image(s) " on the rear of my vehicle. Now, the only thing I have is a bupersticker that reads "Reason over Religion. Atheism over Theism." Now, I get that since I live in the "Bible belt" I'm going to be subject to a bit more persecution, but a 300$ parking ticket for a BUMPER STICKER? I have a pic of the ticket below (my camra quality is rubbish)



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Congrats, if this is real,

Congrats, if this is real, you just made a few hundred thousand dollars teaching this community not to hire bigots onto their police force. Seriously, go after this.

FFRF.com will help you find legal counsel, I'm quite sure.

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Thank you for the advice and

Thank you for the advice and link. My boss actually was kind enough to let me off early after I explained to him, so I'm already working on it.

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Sue them, if that happened to

Sue them, if that happened to me without a doubt i would sue, your opinion or belief system may be offensive but it is in no means "inappropriat"..

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The best thing is to get

The best thing is to get representation. The ACLU and the Southern Poverty League should be able to help free of charge.

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Yeah you should contact those

Yeah you should contact those orgs mentioned above. For fun you could take pictures of other public servant's (especially the officer who gave you the ticket) cars if they have larger stickers than yours. Even better if theirs are on the glass blocking their view (even slightly).

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Will take the suggestion. May

Will take the suggestion. May video it and post it to youtube :)

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