Science has worked to strip away God's roles in the world.

Strip Away God's Role

Over the past five hundred years, the progress of science has worked to strip away God's roles in the world.  He isn't needed to keep things moving, or to develop the complexity of living creatures, or to account for the existence of the universe.

- Sean Carroll

Quote Source: Does the Universe Need God?

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Scientists have been piling

Scientists have been piling up evidence for decades, using high powered, sophisticated equipment. They are getting a pretty good idea of what took place here billions of years ago, and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH A GOD. But, if someone has made up there mind to " believe" something, there is no amount of evidence that will convince them. Who is fooling whom? People are just kidding themselves. I often wondered if the rational, reasonably intelligent, clear thinking people that do "believe" in a god, do they really deep down truly believe that this is so? Do they really know in the back of their minds that this could never be, and does not make one bit of sense? Because if they DO think these tyhings are so, it is DAMN SCARY.

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